POF 2018: Your Cosplay Sounds Familiar

Your Cosplay Sounds FamiliarThis is not just your ordinary Karaoke Singing Contest because you also have to be in cosplay to get a chance to win.  It’s a mixture of two hobbies that is very popular in the pop culture community nowadays.  Join and be the winner of this POF 2018 version of YOUR COSPLAY SOUNDS FAMILIAR.

Your Cosplay Sounds Familiar Mechanics

  1. There will be a registration fee of Php20.00 (25% will go to our CausePlay project)
  2. Select an Anime, JPop, JRock or any Japanese song which you want to perform.
  3. Dress as the character of the anime from which the song is used or impersonate the singer of the song through looks and attire.
  4. We allow English songs translated to Japanese like “Let It Go” from Frozen or Anak by “Freddie Agular” and other such renditions.
  5. English songs will only be allowed if there is no Japanese original Japanese version from the Japanese artist.
  6. All songs should not contain any main voice from the artist.
  7. All songs should be submitted via USB, Share It or Bluetooh. Connection via mobile phone will not be allowed. To ensure transfer of song we recommend saving it in your flash drive.
  8. Criteria for judging are as follows:
  • Voice Quality: 40%
  • Cosplay and Impersonation: 40%
  • Stage Presence: 15%
  • Audience Impact: 5%

Official Participants

  1. Merodii – Saikou no Kataomoi
  2. Aniki – Sakura Mitsuki
  3. Fred Itachi – 1/3 no Junjou na Kanjou
  4. Yona Kuromatoki – Soundscape
  5. Marin Goshi – Ambiguous
  6. Renzo Bespren – Silhouette
  7. Shana – Hishoku no Sora
  8. Adrian – “Volt – Yusuke”
  9. Sanshain – Yakusoku no Kizuna
  10. Gen Es – Mikazuki
  11. Lia – Ren’ai Circulation
Your Cosplay Sounds Familiar Registration

Please register using the form below: