10 Reasons Why History Con is One of the Best Conventions

HistoryCon is a pop culture convention organized by History Channel together with Viva Productions.  No doubt that it has been one of the most memorable conventions of 2017.  Naruto Cosplayers PH (NCPH) is one of the official partners of HisCon this year and we would like to give the 10 Reasons Why History Con is One of the Best Conventions.

ONE – History Con is educational.

Among all the pop culture conventions happening in the Philippines, History Con is the most educational.  It does not only offer what you want to see but also what you must see.  The content of the convention gives you an opportunity to increase your knowledge as well as learn a lot of new things.

TWO – It’s a cosplayers haven

History Con’s respect for cosplayers is commendable.  They are the first convention to offer complimentary passes to cosplayers as a way of giving gratitude for the hobby and in making them part of the great event.  They also offer the stage to cosplayers for 3 days plus huge prizes for them including a Php22K worth of Singer sewing machine to all winners.

THREE – Liquor’s Abound

If you love to drink and have fun then History Con 2017 in Manila also gave you that opportunity.  Enjoy beer pong with every Tanduay punch made fresh and just for you.  Some of our friends did get drunk during the event and branded it also as Tanduay Con.  You can also see some of the Outlaws, which are bike riders to be drinking beer and just roaming around the venue.

FOUR – Novelty Items

If you are looking for items which you can add to your collection then History Con Manila 2017 served its purpose.  We saw all sort of novelty items from old newspaper clippings, records, Coca-cola items, old bikes and card and more.  You will definitely be satisfied with every item that you will get here.  If you have missed History Con 2017 then better not miss the next one.

FIVE – Big Displays

Life size statues and collectibles that brought us in awe are also very memorable.  Imagine seeing Voltez V, Mazinger Z, Daimos and other super robot together as one in the booth of Mr. Jerry Santos.  Besides that we also saw tons of other items and collectibles from Metals Die Cast, MaxiCollector, Gunpla, Anotoys, Halimaw! Sculptures and more.

SIX – Celebrities

History Con brings to the Philippines the starts of History Asia.  We enjoyed the company of Corey Harrison of Pawn Stars, “Horny” Mike Henry of Counting Cars, Danielle Colby of The Pickers, Ryu Lim of Forged in Fire, Jaime Dempsey of Ride ‘N Seek, Justin Mott of Photo Face-Off, Phoemala Baranda of Celebrity Car Wars, and of course the FYI celebrities from Tiny House Nation and Destination Flavour.

SEVEN – Relevant Talks

Learning and education is why History Asia exist and why History Con is being done in the first place.  As part of our contribution we had our special segment about Cosplay Against Bullying which was presented by Derek Asul of Blue Pirate Channel together with Ross del Rosario of Wazzup Pilipinas.  There the topic about bullying was discussed and how cosplayers can help in the cause.  We also had very inspiring and educational talks from Dr. Ambeth Ocampo, Dr. Ted Esguerra, Roland Jay Miguel. Ram Mallari. Barry Wilmore, Paolo Ollero, and Robert Rubin.

EIGHT – History Con is Affordable

Despite the tons of guests and activities, the event remained affordable for everyone.  It brings events like this closes to the people and more popular.

NINE – Jacque Ruby

If not for this person, History Con Manila Philippines would not be as successful as it had been.  Despite being in the head management of History Channel, Jacque maintained a low profile image and mingled with other event attendees.  He always made sure that everyone is enjoying the event.

TEN – History Con Manila is coming back better

We can safely assure that History Con would be happening again next year and we hope that there will be more things to look forward to.  I also hope that they will invite more celebrities from their show and bring back Kevin Burns from Ancient Aliens.

Here are some shots of History Con Manila 2017.  For more photos please click this link.


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