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Organization Council

CAUTION: Before accepting invites from Naruto Cosplayers PH be sure to verify if the one inviting is truly a member or an officer. Beware of those who might be creating certain things so that they would appear to be official Naruto Cosplayers Philippines (NCPH) members or officers. Thanks!

This group is in no way affiliated to the National Cosplayers of the Philippines or National Cosplayers Federation (NCF). Both of these groups are newly created by former members of the group who wanted to take a path on their own. We are respecting their contribution to this group, however, we want to continue the path which the group started and that is being a family, united as one.

COUNCIL OF ELDERS (Feb 1, 2016 - Jan. 31, 2017)

  1. David "Shen" D'Angelo  (Hokage - President)
  2. Ranne Tubig  (Sannin - Vice President )
  3. Dereck Asuk  (Chunin Commander - Membership Division Co-Captain and Documentation)
  4. Benjie Magtalas Casi (Jounin Commander - Operations Manager)
  5. Eleazar Santos (Council Member)
  6. Ej Ayalde (Council Member and Anbu Captain)
  7. Lie Mandap Pagtalunan (Council Member and Membership Division Captain)
  8. John Dwight D'Angelo (Council Member)
  9. Fatima Jongco (Council Member)
  10. MJ Nepacena - Representative Aishiteru Anime


  1. Cosplay Division:  Anthony Owen Olan, Mark Edric Aquino, Zyrus Aran, Maria Christina Dosado
  2. Membership Division:  Lie Pagtalunan, Benjie Casi, Ranne Tubig
  3. Anbu DIvision: EJ Ayalde, Dereck Asul, Angelo Ramos
  4. International Division:  Drei Doria, Cedie Magaling, Bryan Batchillier


    1. David D'Angelo
    2. Ranne Tubig
    3. Lie Pagtalunan
    4. Eleazar Santos
    5. EJ Ayalde
    6. Helen CLeodara D'Angelo
    7. David D'Angelo Jr,
    8. John Dwight D'Angelo
    9. Lheanceh Ehrnih
    10. Nathan Nocillado
    11. Bryan Batchiller
    12. Drei Doria
    13. Arjie Subrastas
    14. Benjie Casi
    15.Arnold Lareza
    16. Fatima Jongco
    17. MJ Nepacena
    18. JC Cascaro
    19. Zyrus Aran
    20. Dereck Asul
    21. Jerik Prieto
    22. Kari Lee
    23. Karikatsu Bagunu
    24. Cedie Magaling
    25. Aroon Orduna
    26. Marlon Edric Aquino
    27. Virnel Louise de Guzman
    28. Maria Christina Dosado
    29. Anthony Owen Olan