Asia Music Festival BANDSLAM 2016

Asia Music Festival is back and will be part of Pinoy Otaku Festival (POF) 2016 on May 28 and 29 at Ever Gotesco Commonwealth.  The competition will be on May 29, second day of the event.  There will be one GRAND CHAMPION who will receive Php5,000 worth of GCs from Ever Malls.


  1. MusicGendNeration Band
  2. Seenzone@9PM
  3. Shizuka

Here are the basic rules and mechanics of the competition.


a. Each band can perform a total of 3 songs.
b. Total performance time should not exceed 15 minutes including setup.
c. Bands are required to perform one (1) TV size from Anime series and one (1) Pinoy music.
d. The 3rd song can be any Korean Pop, Chinese Pop, Original composition
e. The songs can be Remix as long as the total number is 3.


a. No growling,cursing/foul words and excessive drum beating.
(We all have musical genres/influences that we would all like to showcase on stage but please keep in mind that this event will be held inside a shopping mall. We would strictly comply with their standards, no questions asked. )

b. Jumping/diving off from the stage intentionally is not allowed.

c. Contestants mustn’t intentionally cause damage to any nearby equipment or audience members while performing or even after the bands’ set.

d. Sound check should not exceed a decent amount of time, a minute or so will do.

10. Should any technical problems arise during the event (equipment malfunctions on organizers’ side, etc) performers’ time will be adjusted.


Criteria for judging will be as follows:
* Musicality— 40% (harmony, rhythm, technical sound quality, song selections in compliance with the theme)
* Performance— 35% (confidence, stage presence, style)
* Interaction with audience — 15%
(Verbal – band introduction, band interaction with the audience)
(Physical – Eye contact, head nod, acknowledgments, waving, gesturing, etc)
* Audience Impact— 10%


1. Contestants should be in strict compliance with their call time. Late performers/bands would not be allowed to perform if it is going to affect the schedule flow of the event.

2. The organizers hold the right to disqualify any competitor for any poor behavior displayed by anyone of its members or that go against any of the rules stated.

3. The organizers holds the right to go against any judge’s score sheets/decisions if any wrongdoing is found or suspected. (Falsification of scores, sabotage)

4. The organizer holds the right to keep any competitor from performing.

5. Decision of the JUDGES IS FINAL and UNAPPEALABLE.


Asia Music Festival BANDSLAM 2016 Online Registration is closed

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