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Collecticon 2019 this September

Collecticon 2019 this September

Collecticon 2019 is happening this September 14-15, 2019 at SM Megatrade Hall 3. It will be the celebration of the 11th year of Hobby at Worx. Join one of the longerst running pop culture convention in the Philippines which focuses on collectors and toy enthusiasts. This year there will be over 50 booths of toy sellers and retailers in the Metro and series of activities that will surely be enjoyed by hobbyists and collectors.

What to expect at Collecticon 2019?

Collectors Display and Exhibit of Life Size Statues.  Collecticon as its name suggest focuses on bring you collections.  Experience and see for yourself what this year’s exhibitors has to offer.

Toy Auctions.  Bid for toys for as low as 1 Peso in one of the first-ever event auction in the history of pop culture events.

Gundam Caravan.  Want a free original Gundam?  If your answer is yes then buy a ticket and build your own Gunpla for free!  Yes indeed, for free!

Triple Chain Game Launching.  One of the main highlights of Collecticon 2019 is the launching of Cubizone’s newest game, Triple Chain.  There will be lots of freebies up for grabs plus a cosplay competition as well.

Artist Alley.  Commission art works or buy existing arts from both indie and established artists.

KPop Competition.  KPop Statis is hosting another KPop event within Collecticon 2019 which include cosplay, singing, dance and giveaways as well.

Performers and Guests.  Watch for awesome guests and performers including the famed and sexy Japh Dolls.

TRIPLECHAIN: Strategy and Puzzle RPG

Triple Chain: Strategy and Puzzle RPG redefines the Strategy and Puzzle RPG genre through its challenging and addictive game play. With a fusion of strategy-puzzle along with RPG elements, the game can be enjoyed by gamers of all ages!


With your team of Heroes, complete quests and story modes. Conquer stages of puzzles by using your heroes’ skills to create chains and defeat enemies. The Heroes in Triple Chain have 6 types of classes with unique skills to enhance. Collect heroes and evolve them to surpass difficult maps.
Triple Chain offers a unique 2D world class action-packed gaming experience.

  • Story Modes and Challenging Maps – Conquer quests and map challenges with your team of heroes.
  • Strategic Gameplay – Create a strategic chain of explosive combos and high-damage attacks.
  • 6 Unique Hero Classes – Warrior, Mage, Healer, Tanker, Specialist, and Dancer. Each class has their own specialization on the battlefield.
  • Wide Hero Selection – Choose more than 25 heroes to join your team.
  • Real-time PvP – Climb your way on the top rank and challenge your friends!

For more details kindly follow us at our Facebook page (Official _ Hobbiworx)


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UNIQLO Ayala Malls Vertis North Opens and Launches JUMP 50th shirts

UNIQLO Ayala Malls Vertis North opens Friday, April 13.  It will also be the official launching and first release of JUMP 50th shirt.  Everyone is invited to visit and join the opening and launching.  Cosplayers from various Shonen Jump anime and manga will also be there to join everyone.  Buy a shirt and take photos together with the cosplayers.

Be the FIrst to Own  JUMP 50th shirt

Be the first to own a JUMP 50th shirt today.  Go and visit the opening of UNIQLO Ayala Malls Vertis North and join the launching of the coolest shirts to depict anime and manga.  Since the shirts will officially be out on the market at this date, you will be among the firsts to own it.

Ayala Malls Vertis North Shonen_PHOTOBOOTH

Characters from various Shonen Jump manga and anime will also be present during the UNIQLO opening.  Among the characters present are Mr. Satan and Gokou from Dragonball; Killua, Kurapica, and Franklin from Hunter X Hunter; Dennis and Master Jericho from Ghost Fighter; Amane Misa from Death Note; Naruto, Gaara and Guy Sensei from Naruto; Kagura and Sakata Gintoki from Gintama; and Dabi and Todoroki from My Hero Academia.

Cosplay and Join the Fun at UNIQLO Ayala Malls Vertis North

If you are a cosplayer and cosplays any of the anime/manga from Shonen Jum then you are welcome to join us.  Let us all celebrate together the launching of the JUMP 50th shirts and celebrate 50 years of awesome manga and anime. (Click here to check the list)

Don’t forget these details of the event:

  • When:  April 13, 2018 – Friday
  • Where:  Ayala Malls Vertis North (across Trinoma)
  • Time: 11:00AM to 8:00PM

For more information please visit UNIQLO Philippines on Facebook.

If you love anime, manga, shonen and Shonen Jump then please support this partnership between UNIQLO and Shonen Jump.

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10 Reasons Why History Con is One of the Best Conventions

HistoryCon is a pop culture convention organized by History Channel together with Viva Productions.  No doubt that it has been one of the most memorable conventions of 2017.  Naruto Cosplayers PH (NCPH) is one of the official partners of HisCon this year and we would like to give the 10 Reasons Why History Con is One of the Best Conventions.

ONE – History Con is educational.

Among all the pop culture conventions happening in the Philippines, History Con is the most educational.  It does not only offer what you want to see but also what you must see.  The content of the convention gives you an opportunity to increase your knowledge as well as learn a lot of new things.

TWO – It’s a cosplayers haven

History Con’s respect for cosplayers is commendable.  They are the first convention to offer complimentary passes to cosplayers as a way of giving gratitude for the hobby and in making them part of the great event.  They also offer the stage to cosplayers for 3 days plus huge prizes for them including a Php22K worth of Singer sewing machine to all winners.

THREE – Liquor’s Abound

If you love to drink and have fun then History Con 2017 in Manila also gave you that opportunity.  Enjoy beer pong with every Tanduay punch made fresh and just for you.  Some of our friends did get drunk during the event and branded it also as Tanduay Con.  You can also see some of the Outlaws, which are bike riders to be drinking beer and just roaming around the venue.

FOUR – Novelty Items

If you are looking for items which you can add to your collection then History Con Manila 2017 served its purpose.  We saw all sort of novelty items from old newspaper clippings, records, Coca-cola items, old bikes and card and more.  You will definitely be satisfied with every item that you will get here.  If you have missed History Con 2017 then better not miss the next one.

FIVE – Big Displays

Life size statues and collectibles that brought us in awe are also very memorable.  Imagine seeing Voltez V, Mazinger Z, Daimos and other super robot together as one in the booth of Mr. Jerry Santos.  Besides that we also saw tons of other items and collectibles from Metals Die Cast, MaxiCollector, Gunpla, Anotoys, Halimaw! Sculptures and more.

SIX – Celebrities

History Con brings to the Philippines the starts of History Asia.  We enjoyed the company of Corey Harrison of Pawn Stars, “Horny” Mike Henry of Counting Cars, Danielle Colby of The Pickers, Ryu Lim of Forged in Fire, Jaime Dempsey of Ride ‘N Seek, Justin Mott of Photo Face-Off, Phoemala Baranda of Celebrity Car Wars, and of course the FYI celebrities from Tiny House Nation and Destination Flavour.

SEVEN – Relevant Talks

Learning and education is why History Asia exist and why History Con is being done in the first place.  As part of our contribution we had our special segment about Cosplay Against Bullying which was presented by Derek Asul of Blue Pirate Channel together with Ross del Rosario of Wazzup Pilipinas.  There the topic about bullying was discussed and how cosplayers can help in the cause.  We also had very inspiring and educational talks from Dr. Ambeth Ocampo, Dr. Ted Esguerra, Roland Jay Miguel. Ram Mallari. Barry Wilmore, Paolo Ollero, and Robert Rubin.

EIGHT – History Con is Affordable

Despite the tons of guests and activities, the event remained affordable for everyone.  It brings events like this closes to the people and more popular.

NINE – Jacque Ruby

If not for this person, History Con Manila Philippines would not be as successful as it had been.  Despite being in the head management of History Channel, Jacque maintained a low profile image and mingled with other event attendees.  He always made sure that everyone is enjoying the event.

TEN – History Con Manila is coming back better

We can safely assure that History Con would be happening again next year and we hope that there will be more things to look forward to.  I also hope that they will invite more celebrities from their show and bring back Kevin Burns from Ancient Aliens.

Here are some shots of History Con Manila 2017.  For more photos please click this link.


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We invite you to History Con (HCon) 2017

Naruto Cosplayers PH (NCPH) cordially invites everyone to be part of one of the biggest po culture and historical event this year – HISTORY CON 2017.  We are a partner of this event and will be bringin g some of our members who cosplay characters from Naruto Series.  Aside from that expect Master Hercule Satan from Dragonball Z to attend the event.

What should you expect from History Con 2017 and what about the cosplay competition?

History Con 2017 Highlights

History Con 2017 guests

History Con 2017 offers the most unique adventure in a convention.  There are tons of new events and unique competition which you can join and participate as follows: Continue reading →

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Anime and Manga Expo (AMX) 2017

Anime and Manga Expo (AMX) 2017 will be one of the first event of its kind in the Philippines.  It is a 19-day event in appreciation of anime, manga and people who are part of this hobby.  Once almost completely unknown to the world outside Japan, manga (Japanese comics) and anime (Japanese animation) have become a global phenomenon – and their popularity is growing every day.  Let us celebrate 100 YEARS OF ANIME (1917-2017) in this 19-days exhibition and appreciation of anime and manga plus some of our own local creations. Starting on August 1 to 19 at SM Center Las Pinas. Continue reading →

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Cosmic Con 2017 at Ayala Malls South Park in Alabang


Naruto Cosplayers PH is collaborating with Blitzworks for Cosmic Con 2017 on May 13-14, 2017.  The event was first held in 2014 and features a lot of new innovation in events.  This year the venue will be at Ayala Malls South Park and is so far the only big convention happening in the South. Continue reading →

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Cosplay Idol Season 3 goes to KYLEvention 2016

Heard of Kyle Hillar Naron or Chibi Kyle?  Well he is probably one of the newest chibi cosplayers in the cosplay community and this April 8 in celebration of his birthday he is inviting you to join a cool cosplay event in his home province of Cavite.  Join KYLEvention 2016 and celebrate with him.  The event will host another leg of Cosplay Idol Season 3 were contestants can win Php15,000 worth of prizes.

[ujicountdown id=”KYLEvention 2016″ expire=”2016/04/08 00:08″ hide=”false” url=”” subscr=”” recurring=”” rectype=”second” repeats=””]

KYLEvention 2016 will be held at Citymall, Anabu, Imus in Cavite on April 8, 2016 (Friday) from 1PM – 6PM.  Onsite registration starts 11AM.  You can also pre-register online by CLICKING THIS LINK or registering at the form below.

Register online is now close


Here are the basic Rules and Mechanics of KYLEvention: Cosplay Idol Season 3:

KYLEvention 2016 AWARDS:

  1. Best Male – awarded to be best male cosplayer
  2. Best Female – awarded to the best female cosplayer
  3. Best Mecha/Armor – awarded to the best cosplayer whose costume is composed of 60% armor or rubber sheet.
  4. Best Chibi – awarded to the best child cosplayer age 12 years old and below.
  5. Best Genderbend or Crosdress – awarded to the best crossdress or genderbend cosplay.

Winners who have won in previous Cosplay Idol Season 3 leg can still join the competition, however when they win their slot will be given to the cosplayer next in rank to the winners.  Since it is Kyle’s birthday we are giving away some prizes to the winners as follows:

  • Best Male – P2,000
  • Best Male Runner-up – P1,000
  • Best Female – P2,000
  • Best Female Runner-up – P1,000
  • Best Mecha/Armor – P2,000
  • Best Mecha/Armor Runner-up – P1,000
  • Best Chibi – P2,000
  • Best Chibi Runner-up – P1,000
  • Best Genderbend – P2,000 SM
  • Best Genderbend Runner-up – P1,000
  • *** All winners will be included in the Cosplay Idol Season 3 finals.

Criteria for judging will be the same with previous Cosplay Idol Season 3 eliminations:  Characterization (cosplayers resemblance to the character he/she is cosplaying in terms of personality and actions) – 20 points, Costume and Accuracy (accuracy of the costume compared to the reference character, costume quality and its visual appeal) – 20 points, Performance (catwalk and character performance during the presentation) – 25 points, Overall Appeal (how the character can relate and involve the audience. The overall impact of the cosplayer.) – 10 points, and Talent and Cosplay Idol Starpower (the difficulty of the talent performed by the Cosplayer) – 25 points

For more details of the event and to get updated information you can visit

** Rules are subject to change without prior notice **

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Animax Carnival Philippines 2015 Set To Immerse Filipino Fans in Japanese Culture!

PHILIPPINES, MAY 2015 – Animax, Asia’s first channel specializing in Japanese animation, will be bringing its annual flagship event back to the Philippines! Viewers and fans will be treated to two days of fun-filled anime-themed activities at Animax Carnival Philippines 2015, to be held at Hall 4 SMX Convention Center, Pasay City on 30 and 31 May 2015, 11am to 8pm. Continue reading →

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Be part of UP MANIA TRAIL: Cosplay, Run, Survive

We would like to invite you to come and be part of the very first cosplay event inside UP Extension Program Pampanga.  Naruto Cosplayers PH (NCPH) will be one of the co-presentors of UP Mania Trail: Cosplay, Run, Survive on April 19, 2015 at the University of the Philippines Ext. Program, Pampanga.  The event is organized by University of the Philippines Manga-Anime Associates – UP MANIA. Continue reading →

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