Be part of Rampage 2016 Cosplay Event

Come in your best cosplay outfit, impress the organizers and be part of Rampage 2016 Cosplay Event.  Yes, you heard that right this big gaming event happening on July 23, 2016 at World Trade Center Pasay has a cosplay event.  This event is separate from Cosplay Clash 2016 and you need to purchase tickets in order to join.  So what’s in it for you?

Rampage 2016 Cosplay Event

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Luna Chronicles Prelude now available globally for download

Luna Chronicles Prelude is now available globally on Apple App Store and Google Play Store

It is time to immerse yourself in a one of a kind mobile game where you gather your allies and strategize your entire squad.   The new mobile game, Luna Chronicles Prelude is now officially available globally for iOS and Android devices (excluding Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau).


You can download the game and start exploring the realm of Luna from the following download links.

  • Apple App Store:
  •  Google Play Store:

Players need to have strategic skill and not just put it to blind luck how they would play this game.  Players must use the grid system to craft a variety of squad formations in order to counter different enemy threats. When the action begins, they can take direct control of their allies’ skill use, allowing them to make tactical decisions on when to hold back on the most powerful skills and when to unleash them. Additionally, players can put their own twist on things by using upgradeable Skill Books to give their allies new powers. Want to give your gunslinger a powerful healing ability? Go right ahead! Or perhaps your archer needs a protective barrier? It’s up to you.

The forces of corruption will present a formidable challenge in Luna Chronicles, and fortunately during this Prelude phase, players can have exclusive advantages over the enemy.

For starters, they can Pre-Signup at and receive the following in-game items:

  • Lilcy, a 4-Star ally who commands the powers of her Spirit Wolf
  • 10 Entry Keys
  • 50,000 Gold
  • 2 Ally Evolvers to upgrade their allies’ star levels.

That’s not all if you join the Luna Chronicles Prelude you will be rewarded with the following during the official launch:

  • Brave Hunter, a 4-Star variant of Luna Chronicles’ central hero
  • a treasure trove of 100 Entry Keys
  • 10 Ally Evolvers (credited during the official launch).

Finally, players will be joined by Bessy, a chakram wielding dancer-turned-martial artist who specializes in dealing maximum damage to large swathes of foes!

Luna Chronicles Prelude now available

Stay tune for more rewards as they are unveiled during Prelude on Luna Chronicles official Facebook page (

It is also a chance for gamers to help in the game development and make Luna Chronicles more exciting.  Eyedentity Mobile and Cherry Credits will monitor player feedback and implement improvements to the subsequent Luna Chronicles official launch. Additionally, player progression in Prelude will carry over to the Luna Chronicles official launch for players who create their accounts in Prelude via Facebook, Google Play or Eyedentity.

Luna Chronicles is developed by Korea-based CL Gamez Inc., published by Eyedentity Mobile and powered globally by Cherry Credits (excluding Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau).  Check out the gameplay video below:

For more information on Luna Chronicles, please visit the official website ( and official Facebook Page (

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More In-Game Footage of IBM’s Sword Art Online Virtual Reality MMO Project

Brief view of what testers noticed in the “Nervegear Prototype” in final month’s check

IBM Japan posted extra in-sport footage from its “Sword Art Online: The Beginning” virtual reality demonstration on Friday.

Those who participated within the demonstration had been in a position to scan their bodies, which have been then rendered as 3D avatars for the demonstration. Users had been then in a position to manipulate their in-game avatar utilizing quite a lot of hardware, together with an Oculus Rift (Developer Kit 2) for head-monitoring and VR visuals, Leap Motion and Ovrvision for hand manipulation, a Microsoft Kinect 2 for physique motion, and particular footwear to detect foot motion. The hardware was labeled “Nervegear Prototype.” “Nervegear” is the name of the virtual reality hardware utilized by the characters within the unique Sword Art Online story to work together with the game.

The beginning of the demonstration positioned customers in a “bazaar” atmosphere, permitting them to check their capacity to govern world objects. Later within the demonstration, customers have been in a position to combat The Gleam Eyes (from the 74th flooring of the game within the unique story), alongside three different users.

Pre-registration for the “Alpha” of the demonstration reached ninety nine,800 individuals, though solely 208 candidates have been chosen. The check passed off in Tokyo from March 18-20.

IBM Japan refers back to the venture as a “virtual reality massive multiplayer on-line game (VRMMO),” though it has not laid out any plans to proceed the mission previous the preliminary take a look at, nor has it specified if the alpha take a look at would be the the precursor to a bigger VRMMO mission.

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New mobile game Bloodline Launches for Android and iOS Devices

Singapore, 14 October 2015 – Beta days are over as Cherry Credits Pte Ltd announced today the official public launch of Bloodline.  The new mobile game will officially be available in the Apple App Store for iOS and Google Play Store for Android devices for gamers in Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Banking on the popularity of Japanese anime, Bloodline is in itself an anime-styled mobile role-playing card game.  Probably its most unique advantage to other existing games is the fact that it gives emphasis on deep character leveling and customization.

Immerse into the story of the Last Royal Vampire Lilo.I and her companion Ron in their quest to save their loved ones from a militaristic order called the Holy Land.  Create a roster of heroes that is distinctly unique to you and battle it our with other players.

Cherry Credits should be commended for allowing Bloodline Beta players to continue playing their game into the official game launch.  The beta began September 22 which made the mobile game organically grew to reach the Top 10 Downloads and Top 10 Grossing for Role Playing Games category in the Google Play Store in Singapore and the Philippines.

So if you love mobile games, this is the best time to download it because during the official launch period, both new Bloodline players and Beta participants will receive in-game rewards such as:

  • 1x 4-Star Dark Shroom, 20,000 Gold and 1x 4-Star Tomato from the Facebook Engagement campaign.
  • 120 Gems Daily for 30 days for players who participated in the Pre-Signup campaign.
  • Bloodline Official Launch Sign-in Rewards, where players can get up to 260 Gems, 200,000 Gold, 30 Crystals, 30 Fragments, 6/9 EXP card and 3 Scrolls.
  • Bloodline Official Log-In Event, which will reward players with up to 450 Gems, 240,000 Gold, 4200 Friendship Points, 10 Crystals, a 3-Star Rae Card and one Summoning Scroll.
    Bloodline is published by Cherry Credits Pte Ltd and is available for Android and iOS users in Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines.


For those who want to know more about Bloodline please visit the following links:


About Cherry Credits Pte Ltd

Cherry Credits is a game publisher and a leading micropayment solutions provider for digital content and game channelling. Offering a unique e-wallet system and physical scratch card (PSC) distribution, Cherry Credits gives everyone the ability & convenience to transact online anytime, anywhere. Additionally, Cherry Credits is the publisher, official Payment Provider and Channelling Platform for the hit Action Multiplayer Online Game Dragon Nest SEA game service. For more information, please visit

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Vote for Otaku Choice Awards 2015

Otaku Choice Awards(OCA)-2015Otaku Choice Awards (OCA) 2015 voting is now officially open.  OCA 2015 consists of 14 categories including general non-trophy categories which serves to determine the most popular anime, anime character, Japanese band, movie and others from among the 5 top nominees given by the community.

OCA 2015 award categories this year includes male and female cosplayer, event, online media, online game, console game, phoyography and Otaku organization.  Besides the usual categories Otaku Icon Awards will also be conferred to people and organization who helped the community during the year.

Otaku Choice Awards (OCA) is on its third year so we hope that you will support this first and only awards from the community for the community.  You can VOTE THROUGH THIS LINK.  We will be giving SPECIAL RAFFLE PRIZES to those who will be randomly selected from the voters.

Don’t forget to share and spread this so that more people will participate.  We will announce the date and venue of the Awards Event soon.

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Nominate Candidates for Otaku Choice Awards (OCA) 2015


For the third year, Naruto Cosplayers PH (NCPH) is launching OTAKU CHOICE AWARDS (OCA). OCA 2015 will cover various anime categories, events, hosts, sponsors, cosplayers and more. The awards is also opening category suggestions from everyone. Continue reading →

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Dragon Nest Warriors Dawn in 3D and 4D

We invite you to watch and support the cinema screening of Dragon Nest Warriors Dawn beginning March 18, 2015.  Although some may have already watched the movie using other means we definitely advice you to watch it on the big screen since the experience will surely be very different.  A movie on the big screen is no substitute for other means. Continue reading →

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Toycon 2014: More on Toys, New Experiments, Less Cosplay, More Western

Toycon 2014: More on Toys, New Experiments, Less Cosplay, More Western

ToyCon 2014 had basically remained the same and less of a hyped event despite the recent additions to it. We remember 2012 when there was even a shooting for an international Cosplay film at the event, which later on did not seen full film production. ToyCon 2014 had been more back to basics and the original purpose of the event and that is focusing on the toys, collectibles, novelty items and the people that love them.

More on Toys

There were tons and tons of booths dedicated to toys. We can see vast arrays of toys which you can buy for a lower price ranging from the most common to the rarest of them, and from the smallest to some of the biggest. This is in fact the season every year were toy collectors gather and scout for good buys among toys and collectibles. I would bet that it is even the more attended event compared to other toy sales in the metro.

The huge toy exhibits especially the Hulk statue near the Gallery entrance plus the Bummble Bee at one of the halls entrance was a simple reminder that ToyCon will always be dedicated for toys and it shoild be. We admire the organizers for remaining faithful to their main objective despite all the add-ons and challenges that they have to face.

New Experiments

ToyCon 2014 organizers had to experiment on a bunch of things. Most obvious probably is the addition of UNO Magazine into the media mix of Toycon and the talked about lapdance during the Night Out on Friday. Although, there are those which said that it should never had been done, we would say that the party is always a party and parents should know that party are for adults. Perhaps, what is out of place in this idea is the venue in which the party is conducted. Hall 3 is not a secluded area, thus people from all ages can watch and see the lapdance and the sexy inuendo that was introduced. Nevertheless, it was an experiment and those who are there should have also exercised caution and parental authority. The result and feedback on this experiment will bring additional learning to the organizing team.

The arrangment was also favorable for those who just want to do about their business and have some fun with their hobby as the stage is really set out away from most of the booths. Well, this would help the sellers and buyers to talk and understand each other more audibly since the sound system will not be overpowering them.

Less Cosplay

There were tons and tons of cosplayers inside and outside the Megatrade Hall. The new Mega Fashion Hall was also made into a seemless new hall by the cosplayers attending ToyCon 2014, however, it can be seen that Toycon put less focus on cosplay this year. Putting less focus did not elude its inclusion however. Anime Alliance were the once who handles the cosplay event and though it did went smoothly, we had some observations as well.

Disallowing usb devices from being used to submit BGMs from cosplayers put much of a problem among those who usually had USBs. Using CDs for submission had not been much of a standard lately. One suppose to be contestant for the group cosplay had to backout despite theur long practice due to this problem. We can understand the dilemma of he organizers since inserting a USB in a device or PC also opens up that device to a potential virus attack which can be a technical mayhem. Then again, an anti-virus I think could have solved this issue.

The numbers given were written using pentel pen and some were just hurriedly written. I remember when we were also doing that for some of our events and personally, I am surprised to see it at Toycon. Perhaps, time and other constraints prevented the organizers from coming up with a printed standardized numbers with logo which for many can also be a collectors item.

The highlight of the Cosplay COmpetition would be the finals for the World Cosplay Summit and surely all the five finalists gave the audience one hell of a show. It was obvious however that the 2 finalists from Davao were truly superb in terms of both their costume and their performance. Plus, more participants need to really join this competition so that not only NCR and Davao will compete in the finals.

The Individual Cosplay was also participated by more than 80 cosplayers and each of them truly put their effort into it. Sadly, not all of them got to perform using their BGMs. As for the group cosplay there were only two teams.

“The group cosplay performance was very good, personally I wa truly amazed by the group performing Star Wars. The only thing I was surprised was when they danced and the other judges and I really looked stunned asking why they did that.”

Congratulatons to Anime Alliance for a job well done especially for the World Cosplay Summit preliminaries.

More Western


Toycon2014_Naruto_Cosplayers_Review(11)The feel of Toycon personally is more Western. Focusing on the 75th Anniversady of Batman and western movies will always make this one a western-style convention. Surely, there is cosplay, plus the exhibit and promotion of the new Rurunini Kenshin movie, as well as the anime teaser on stage but that does not make the event have a “JCulture” feel.

Despite of this Toycon 2014 had effectively put a balance mix between the things that convention attendees would always love to attend. This is perhaps the deepest secret which Toycon has. If they have the right mix of the important ingredients then they will always be an epic event.

Toycon 2015

Toycon 214 broke new records in terms of number of attendees, as more than 27,000 people attended the 3-day event. Personally, there is nothing so much new to this years Toycon, but for next year it seems Collectibles Unlimited is brewing something new.

During the Toycon Epic Launch, they had hinted that the event might be moving to a new and bigger venue. The main question is how accessible is this new venue to the people who had loved Toycon for years?

Congratulations to Collectibles Unlimited and Anime Alliance for a job well done.

Share your experience

Who would ever forget Hentai Kamen’s performance on stage, or finding that rare toy you had long been searching for, or meeting your idol, and many more…

Since there are more than 27,000 people who attended Toycon we want you to share your experience with us. What do you think of Toycon 2014? Just add your comment and we would love to read about it.

For our photo coverage of Toycon 2015 please visit our Facebook page and click here.

The Naruto Cosplayers PH (NCPH) Toycon 2014 Media Team

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