Dragon Nest Warriors Dawn in 3D and 4D

We invite you to watch and support the cinema screening of Dragon Nest Warriors Dawn beginning March 18, 2015.  Although some may have already watched the movie using other means we definitely advice you to watch it on the big screen since the experience will surely be very different.  A movie on the big screen is no substitute for other means. Continue reading →

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NCPH at Tokyo EDM Invasion 2014

NCPH at Tokyo EDM Invasion 2014



NCPH was there to take part, cover and party at Tokyo EDM Invasion 2014, the biggest rave party of the year as the best from Tokyo and Manila come together in a spectacle of music, art, and dance last August 2  at the SMX Convention Center. Organized and produced by Red Alert Live and Nijiiro,  it was conceptualized as a party like no other with a distinct and dynamic Japanese feel and guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on Manila’s events scene.





The organizers wanted Filipinos to have a one-of-a-kind experience of what it is like in Tokyo’s dynamic, ultra-modern club scene  as they fly in their best DJs and performers straight from Japan.  Teaming up with them are Manila’s club scene best, laying down the welcome as they had the crowd grooving on their feet and pumping their fists to their best rhythms and vibes with their frenetic sets.  Rocking SMX Convention Center Hall One were Ace Ramos, Deuce Manila, The Zombettes, Curse & Bless, and VIP Events Manila DJ Ais Mark Nicosia.






The Invasion part of the program started off with renowned Taiko drummer, Makoto Yamamoto, performing for the first time to a Philippine audience.  He gave a strong, emphatic performance on the traditional Japanese drums.  He was followed by the hard-rocking sets of Japan’s best DJs, Ayumi with Tsubee and Daijiro and kept the audience moving and shaking.  Renowned choreographers/dancers, Kai-zen Crew, had performances incorporating ninjitsu techniques in their dance moves, much to the delight of the attendees.  VJs Tsubasa and Dynamo added a unique visual experience through their performances.










Having the honor of delivering the finale for Tokyo EDM Invasion  was DJ Dantz, Japan’s number one DJ.   His skills and showmanship sent the amazing night into its climax.  At its conclusion, he and the other performers had delivered an exciting fusion of traditional Japanese culture and Japan’s modern club scene.




Easily the biggest, most exciting club/dance/party event of the year, the organizers and the performers were visibly pleased with the overwhelming support and turnout and promised that Tokyo EDM Invasion will be coming back next year. Our thanks and congratulations to them as Tokyo EDM Invasion 2014 had just delivered the best Japanese clubbing experience ever.









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Forezine Anime Magazine maiden issue released

Forezine Anime Magazine maiden issue released

Anime Forever had finally released the maiden issue of Forezine Digital Anime Magazine.  This is a project by Anime Forever, one of the leading anime pages in the Philippines in collaboration with Naruto Cosplayers PH (NCPH) and other partner media and organizations.


The anticipation for the digital anime magazine is high since it will be one of the first locally released digital magazine downloadable for free.  IN fact, the project was also supported by one of the largest Facebook groups related to anime and Otaku, “The Group Otaku Only Knows” or TGOOK.

The magazine comes in a 120Mb no sound version and a full version with sound that comes in a 160Mb file.  It is highly recommended that you download the full version since it will give you a full experience of the magazine.

Forezine’s maiden isue has more than 160 pages of full anime content that you will love.  It is in fact more than a magazine but a compendium.  The hardwork pulled by the staff of Anime Forever to come up with this magazine is no joke and we highly commend them for this.

The organization’s initial contribution is in the promotion and article contribution for COSPLAY 101: LURING THE CAMERA AND PHOTOGRAPHERS, and COSPLAYER PROFILE featuring Laurence “Taicho” Diolata and Johara Trissa Pescasio.




NCPH initial writers for Forezine includes Lie Mandap Pagtalunan, Ranne Tubig, Eleazar Santos, EJ Ayalde and David D’Angelo.

The magazine is in full color, the art works are superb, the music is truly magnificent and you can even continue playing it and enjoy it over and over again.  This is a total anime magazine in one which everyone must have.  I would also say that this greatly compliments with another digital magazine, Filipino Cosplay Scene (FiCS) which should work together as a supplement of one another.

We would not spoil you with the contents since we want you to really download and experience it.  To download the FOREZINE ISSUE NO. 1 please visit this link or you can download it directly below:

  • 120MB No Sound file
  • 160Mb Original Version


Naruto Cosplayers would like to congratulate Anime Forever for this success!

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Sneak Peak at Best of Anime (BOA) 2014

Sneak Peak at Best of Anime (BOA) 2014

Best of Anime 2014 will once again be a sure success since it is combining the right ingredient that people and anime-lovers wanted to see in a convention. This year the event would a bit more expensive but there would be more things to expect and tons of guests to see. BOA 2014 will be on September 20-21, 2014 at Function Room 3 and 4, SMX Convention Center, SM Mall of Asia Complex.

Last year we have an awesome time covering the event and also having our very own booth at the event.  We also manage to meet Joe Inoe and gave him his very own Otaku shirt.


Here is our coverage of BOA 2013: [ DAY 1DAY 2 | Jiaki Darkness and Yuki Godbless ]

A ticket for this year’s event is peg at P300 for one day and if you avail of the two-day pass it will only be at P500. Remember that the venue is SMX so we would like to remind you that guards are more strict in this area and you better avail a ticket that loiter around outside. Take the lesson last April.


If you want to buy in advance the ticket for BOA 2014, you can CLICK THIS BOA 2014 TICKET RESERVATION FORM and you can also choose any of the methods below:

  • Personal Purchase = Visit their office in Makati and buy your tickets there.
  • VIA Bank and Carrier = Fill up the Reservation Form and send it to their email, Deposit your payment in the Bank, Send them the deposit slip and your tickets will be mailed.
  • Express Lane = Send us the Reservation Form via Email, Deposit your payment at the Bank and send the scanned copy to us and you may pick up your Ticket on the Day of the Event.


Kaika (updated July 23, 2014).  She is the person behind The Cosplay Chronicles.

Onnies. Among the top 30 cosplayers in with more than 160,000 Facebook fans. She is a Thailand-based, Chienese cosplayer known for her impressive cosplay and crossdresses.

Joe Inoe. He already became a guest for BOA 2013 and he is coming back to once again entertain everyone. Joe Inoe is a Japanese-American singer who was well known for his rendition of “Closer”, which had been used for the fourth opening of Naruto Chippuden. He also had other songs for other animes. He will be performing on September 21.


Visual Kei Band. BOA 2014 will once again showcase a Visual Kei Band although the name of the band is not yet announced. I would not be surprised it it will once again be Uchusentai Noiz since their comeback last May was not enough. Noiz had made tons of new Filipino songs and it would be great to have them in BOA this year.


BOA is coming up with 3 categories for their Cosplay Competition: Chibi, Cloth and Mecha/Armor. This categorization will be something which will bring fairness to those who are wearing cloth costumes, so that they can have chance to win the competition. It is also an all-star competition meaning you can cosplay any character from any genre and be it Japanese or Western.

Prizes includes cash prize of P5,000 for Mecha/Armor, P3,000 for cloth and P2,000 for Chibi. Prizes will also include freebies, a plaque of recognition and special feature on BOA’s media partners. Take note as well that Chibi for BOA 2014 will cover cosplayers ages 2-7 years old.

BOA 2014_All Star Cosplay_Revised


BOA 2014 will be the venue for the first ever Inter-School Cosplay Competition. This is a cosplay competition which was held at various schools with the help of in-school organizations. The finals will be held during BOA.

If you are an artist you can join the BOA Quockdraw Competition which is being run online. Just check out for the theme, create the artwork and then submit them online.

Besides the above competition there will also be a Battle of the Bands. Photo Competition, and BOA Superstar (Karaoke Competition), You can download and view the mechanics for the competition at THIS LINK.


If you are looking for all sorts of specialized merchandise then BOA 2014 is an ideal place for you. Toys, accessories and items that are totally dedicated to anime will be present in this convention. Besides that, we are sure that there will be fun booths at the event which includes activities and gaming. You will rather be inside the event to experience the fun that be left out outside of the venue.

For more updates on BOA 2014 link up to the following:

  • Facebook:
  • Twitter: @BestofAnime_BOA
  • Official Hashtag: #BOA2014

See you at BOA 2014!

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Win tickets and be part of Tokyo EDM Invasion 2014

Win tickets and be part of Tokyo EDM Invasion 2014

Naruto Cosplayers PH (NCPH) is an official media partner to the upcoming Tokyo EDM Invasion 2014 at the SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia on August 2, 2014. The event will be the first ever Japan-themed party in the Philippines and will be from 8:00pm to 4:00am. Ages 18 and above are invited to take part and be part of history.

This will be the first ever event of this kind where people can enjoy an authentic Japan style nightclub party and also be in costume without being awkward. Tickets also comes with free drinks and even an unlimited drink plus food. Check out this cool track from one of the guest Japanese DJs for the event.

What the heck is EDM? Well, Electronic dance music (also known as EDM, dance music, club music, or simply dance) is a set of percussive electronic music genres produced primarily for dance-based entertainment environments, such as nightclubs. For this event, this one is what you will typically be experiencing in Japan.

For those who want to avail tickets be sure to check out the NAKAMA PACKAGES since they will give you lots of discounts.  Check this link for Tokyo EDM Invasion 2014 tickets.

For those who want to know why this event is one event you surely won’t miss check out an article posted by our partner blog, Otakuplay, “Tokyo EDM Invasion hits Manila, don’t be left out.”

Now here is our gift for everyone, TWO (2) PEOPLE will WIN THREE (3) TICKETS EACH to the Tokyo EDM Invasion 2014 (worth P2,850) . These 2 winners can bring their Nakama to this exciting event. All you have to do is accumulate points by doing the tasks below, the more points means the greater chances of winning.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
You can also check out and join another giveaway at Ranneveryday for Tokyo EDM Invasion 2014.

Good luck and enjoy. Check out this Tokyo EDM Invasion 2014 video.


WANT MORE TICKETS?  This video is key for your chance to win more free tickets!

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Toycon 2014: More on Toys, New Experiments, Less Cosplay, More Western

Toycon 2014: More on Toys, New Experiments, Less Cosplay, More Western

ToyCon 2014 had basically remained the same and less of a hyped event despite the recent additions to it. We remember 2012 when there was even a shooting for an international Cosplay film at the event, which later on did not seen full film production. ToyCon 2014 had been more back to basics and the original purpose of the event and that is focusing on the toys, collectibles, novelty items and the people that love them.

More on Toys

There were tons and tons of booths dedicated to toys. We can see vast arrays of toys which you can buy for a lower price ranging from the most common to the rarest of them, and from the smallest to some of the biggest. This is in fact the season every year were toy collectors gather and scout for good buys among toys and collectibles. I would bet that it is even the more attended event compared to other toy sales in the metro.

The huge toy exhibits especially the Hulk statue near the Gallery entrance plus the Bummble Bee at one of the halls entrance was a simple reminder that ToyCon will always be dedicated for toys and it shoild be. We admire the organizers for remaining faithful to their main objective despite all the add-ons and challenges that they have to face.

New Experiments

ToyCon 2014 organizers had to experiment on a bunch of things. Most obvious probably is the addition of UNO Magazine into the media mix of Toycon and the talked about lapdance during the Night Out on Friday. Although, there are those which said that it should never had been done, we would say that the party is always a party and parents should know that party are for adults. Perhaps, what is out of place in this idea is the venue in which the party is conducted. Hall 3 is not a secluded area, thus people from all ages can watch and see the lapdance and the sexy inuendo that was introduced. Nevertheless, it was an experiment and those who are there should have also exercised caution and parental authority. The result and feedback on this experiment will bring additional learning to the organizing team.

The arrangment was also favorable for those who just want to do about their business and have some fun with their hobby as the stage is really set out away from most of the booths. Well, this would help the sellers and buyers to talk and understand each other more audibly since the sound system will not be overpowering them.

Less Cosplay

There were tons and tons of cosplayers inside and outside the Megatrade Hall. The new Mega Fashion Hall was also made into a seemless new hall by the cosplayers attending ToyCon 2014, however, it can be seen that Toycon put less focus on cosplay this year. Putting less focus did not elude its inclusion however. Anime Alliance were the once who handles the cosplay event and though it did went smoothly, we had some observations as well.

Disallowing usb devices from being used to submit BGMs from cosplayers put much of a problem among those who usually had USBs. Using CDs for submission had not been much of a standard lately. One suppose to be contestant for the group cosplay had to backout despite theur long practice due to this problem. We can understand the dilemma of he organizers since inserting a USB in a device or PC also opens up that device to a potential virus attack which can be a technical mayhem. Then again, an anti-virus I think could have solved this issue.

The numbers given were written using pentel pen and some were just hurriedly written. I remember when we were also doing that for some of our events and personally, I am surprised to see it at Toycon. Perhaps, time and other constraints prevented the organizers from coming up with a printed standardized numbers with logo which for many can also be a collectors item.

The highlight of the Cosplay COmpetition would be the finals for the World Cosplay Summit and surely all the five finalists gave the audience one hell of a show. It was obvious however that the 2 finalists from Davao were truly superb in terms of both their costume and their performance. Plus, more participants need to really join this competition so that not only NCR and Davao will compete in the finals.

The Individual Cosplay was also participated by more than 80 cosplayers and each of them truly put their effort into it. Sadly, not all of them got to perform using their BGMs. As for the group cosplay there were only two teams.

“The group cosplay performance was very good, personally I wa truly amazed by the group performing Star Wars. The only thing I was surprised was when they danced and the other judges and I really looked stunned asking why they did that.”

Congratulatons to Anime Alliance for a job well done especially for the World Cosplay Summit preliminaries.

More Western


Toycon2014_Naruto_Cosplayers_Review(11)The feel of Toycon personally is more Western. Focusing on the 75th Anniversady of Batman and western movies will always make this one a western-style convention. Surely, there is cosplay, plus the exhibit and promotion of the new Rurunini Kenshin movie, as well as the anime teaser on stage but that does not make the event have a “JCulture” feel.

Despite of this Toycon 2014 had effectively put a balance mix between the things that convention attendees would always love to attend. This is perhaps the deepest secret which Toycon has. If they have the right mix of the important ingredients then they will always be an epic event.

Toycon 2015

Toycon 214 broke new records in terms of number of attendees, as more than 27,000 people attended the 3-day event. Personally, there is nothing so much new to this years Toycon, but for next year it seems Collectibles Unlimited is brewing something new.

During the Toycon Epic Launch, they had hinted that the event might be moving to a new and bigger venue. The main question is how accessible is this new venue to the people who had loved Toycon for years?

Congratulations to Collectibles Unlimited and Anime Alliance for a job well done.

Share your experience

Who would ever forget Hentai Kamen’s performance on stage, or finding that rare toy you had long been searching for, or meeting your idol, and many more…

Since there are more than 27,000 people who attended Toycon we want you to share your experience with us. What do you think of Toycon 2014? Just add your comment and we would love to read about it.

For our photo coverage of Toycon 2015 please visit our Facebook page and click here.

The Naruto Cosplayers PH (NCPH) Toycon 2014 Media Team

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Brief Overview of the World Cosplay Summit (WCS)

WCS_2014The World Cosplay Summit (WCS) is tagged as the most prestigious gathering and competition among cosplayers in the world. It is set every year at the World Cosplay Summit (WCS) in Nagoya, Japan. Cosplayers who really wan to showcase their talent both in cosplay performance and craftsmanship are aiming for a shot to be an official representative to this event. Besides that however, little do we know that ordinary people can also attend and enjoy the annual WCS event.

WCS 2014 will be composed of 25 participating nations with 20 competing for the World Cosplay Championship. Observer nations include the Philippines, Hongkong, Vietnam, Taiwan and Portugal. Official countries participating in WCS 2014 are Australia, Brazil, China, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Malaysia, Netherlands, Russia, Singapore, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States, Hong Kong, Taiwan. Each team can have 2 cosplayers coming to Japan.

The representative for this year for the Philippines is Sora No Katsuo from Davao. They won against 4 other finalists during the WCS Philippine Finals during the 13th Toys and Hobbies Collectible Convention at SM Megatrade Hall.

Official representatives from competing nations will get a chance to compete for the World Cosplay Championship.

“The WCS Championship is a competition that rewards both the ability to make costumes and perform on stage. There are two types of judges: celebrity judges, who mark the stage performances, and international judges, who mark the craftsmanship of the costume.

The celebrity judges each award 10 points for performance, 5 points for Faithfulness to story and characters, and 5 points for the costume impact on stage; 20 points in total. There are usually five celebrity judges, resulting in a total mark of 100 points.

The craftsmanship judges panel awards 100 points. This number is then multiplied by the number of celebrity judges, and then divided by 10 to make the score compatible with the marks of the celebrity judges. If there are five celebrity judges, this brings the total mark for craftsmanship to 50 points.”


If you want to be an official representative, you have to win in the preliminaries that will be conducted in each country. Preliminaries in the Philippines are being facilitated by the official partner organization, Anime Alliance Philippines. The preliminaries usually starts September and culminates into the finals, usually held at the annual Toys and Collectibles Convention.

As an aspiring WCS representative you have to not only be good in cosplaying your character and having an outstanding performance on stage but also be a good crafter. You have to be the one that created your costume and you must impress the judges on this. Besides that, there will also be a question and answer portion where you have to represent yourself and prove that you are indeed a qualified representative for your country.

If you think that the finalists are the only once that can go to the WCS in Nagoya, Japan then read this. You can also join the World Cosplay Summit as a spectator or cosplayer. There are a number of ways to participate in the event. Find out how, and enjoy the world’s best cosplay festival!

In order to attend all you have to do is have all necessary documents including a valid passport and Japan VISA plus a ticket to the event. Here are some of the events which you can attend.

NAGOYA Anison Fes 2014 will be held on Friday, August 1st (Fri) at the Nagoya Civic Assembly Hall, 1 Chome 1-3 Tsurumai, Showa-ku, Nagoya, Aichi 466-0064. Event starts at 5:00pm and ticket price is at 6,800 yen.

If you want to watch the World Cosplay Championship on August 2, 2014 you can avail a ticket price from 1,500 to 2,800 yen depending on your seating.

  • 1F Seat: 2,800 yen with WCS original merchandise, 3 goods (Original hand towel, WCS 2014 pin badge, WCS 2014 Temporary Tatoo)
  • 2F Seat: 2,000 yen with WCS original merchandise, 2 goods (WCS 2014 pin badge, WCS 2014 Temporary Tatoo)
  • 3F Seat: 1,500 yen with WCS original merchandise, 1 good (WCS 2014 Temporary Tatoo).


Venue for this year’s World Cosplay Championship will be at the Aichi Arts Center Concert Hall from 6:00pm to 9:00pm.

Don’t forget to check on the following:


Whether you will go to the WCS as an official representative, a guest cosplayer or just someone who wants to see the event, I am sure that the experience will be very rewarding.


Good luck to Team Sora No Katsuo in their journey to WCS 2014 at Nagoya, Japan. Check out the local website of WCS through Anime Alliance Philippines at

For more info on the World Cosplay Summit please do visit

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ToyCon 2014 Epic Launch – A Successful Launch

ToyCon 2014 Epic Launch – A Successful Launch

Naruto Cosplayers PH media team was at Resorts World, Manila last May 31, 2014 to cover this year’s ToyCon Epic Launch. ToyCon, one of the biggest event every year for toys, comics, and hobbyist gathering and known as the biggest Pop Culture event in the Philippines. The said event, organized by Collectibles Unlimited and Resorts World Manila, the launching had been successful and showed a great start for what the event would be on June 20-22, 2014.
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