Chibaneelle Art Circle

Chibaneelle Art Circle (CBNL) is an art circle founded on January 2, 2018, named after it’s four founding artists (Chi, Bashi, Nee, Elle). They are a group of artists based in the Philippines who share a common love for art and pop media. You can commonly see them attending local conventions to sell handmade merchandise and share their art with others.

Their products are all fanmade items featuring popular characters from animation and video games!.  Some of their products include:

Connect with Chibaneele Art Circle

If you are interested in their products you can contact them via the following:

Chibaneelle Art Circle Products
Stationery items
Button pins
and more

Catch them in key events of Naruto Cosplayers PH (NCPH) as well.

Chibaneelle Art Circle

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