CosCraft Finals: The Showcase of Cosplay Costume Mentors

A first-ever competition that will showcase some of the best cosplay costume makers in the Philippines is in its final stage.  CosCraft Finals (Costume Craft): Costume Mentoring Challenge showcases 10 mentors who will each train one newbie.  They will train them and help them create a costume which they will showcase for the grand finals during Pinoy Otaku Festival (POF) 2019: Ai on June 2, 2018.

CosCraft Finals Mentors

Here are our CosCraft: Costume Mentoring Challenge mentors.  Who will they mentor and what will be the result of their efforts.  Watch soon for some of our webisodes regarding their experiences in teaching each of their apprentices.

CosCraft Finals: Costume Mentoring Challenge Finals Mechanics and Rules
  1. Each mentor will be assigned to mentor one cosplayer/crafter apprentice.
  2. The costume that will be used by the finals should be made by the apprentice or at least 75% of it.
  3. The mentor can contribute to the creation of the costume but this is limited to only 25% of the total costume.
  4. All new CosCraft participants will be given a plus 5 bonus points to equalize the competition with those that had already qualified last POF 2017.
  5. The mentor will have the option to join the apprentice in the performance on the finals or not to join.  The effect of their participation on the judge’s score sheet is not guaranteed and depends on the judge’s discretion.
  6. Each mentor-apprentice will be required to submit a video of their interaction and actual mentorship.  These videos will be uploaded as webisodes for CosCraft.
  7. Videos will be submitted raw in at least 720p quality on the following dates:
    • April 30, 2018
    • May 15, 2018
  8. Participants are also encouraged to use recyclable and reusable materials in their costume.
  9. The total expense in the costume should not exceed Php2,000.00 (Two Thousand Pesos).  A detailed costing should be submitted by each participant during the finals.  A 1 point deduction will be given for every Php100 in excess of the amount limitation.
  10. Each team should submit the final reference photo of their costume not later than April 30, 2018.
CosCraft Finals: Costume Mentoring Challenge Finals Stage Presentation
  1. Each participant is given 5 minutes on stage.
  2. Mentor and Apprentice can perform on stage.
  3. Dangerous stunt and other props which can cause harm or delay on stage or on other contestants is prohibited.
  4. BGM or video background is allowed.
Criteria for Judging for CosCraft Finals
  • Materials Used, 25% – resourcefulness of the team in the use of materials.
  • Difficulty, 20% – the level of difficulty of the chosen costume
  • Visual Appeal, 20% – the appeal of the costume and its similarity to the actual costume of the reference character.
  • Performance, 20% – performance on stage during the finals.
  • Mentor and Apprentice Interaction, 15% – the interaction between the mentor and apprentice and how they accomplish their task. This will also include the video submission.

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