Cosplay Idol Season 3 Finals

Cosplay Idol Season 3 Finals will be on May 29, 2016 at the Pinoy Otaku Festival (POF) 2016 to be held at Ever Gotesco Commonwealth.  Winners from different categories of the various Cosplay Idol Season 3 qualifiers will meet for the final challenge to determine who will be this season;s champion.

Cosplay Idol Season 3 Wildcards

For those who want to get a chance to be part of the finals you can still participate in the final qualifiers at the Cosplay Idol Season 3 Wildcards just CLICK THIS LINK for the rules and to register.

Cosplay Idol Season 3 Finalists

Notice:  To all the finalists listed here please submit your COSPLAY PHOTO to be used for promotion on or before May 10, 2016.  Submit your BGM and REFERENCE PHOTO for the finals on or before May 20, 2016 to

  1. Christian Umali  (Forezine Fest Best Mecha/Armor)
  2. Pete Mendoza  (Forezine Fest Best Male)
  3. Jhoan Dela Cruz  (Forezine Fest Best Female)
  4. Sergio Sta.Ana  (Forezine Fest Best Performance)
  5. Jeasan Declaro  (Forezine Fest Best Top 10)
  6. Rawn Akira Sta. Ana  (Forezine Fest Best Top 10)
  7. Ulysses Gante Fabila  (Forezine Fest Best Top 10)
  8. Beru Kashiga  (Forezine Fest Best Top 10)
  9. Keight Dela Cruz  (Forezine Fest Best Top 10)
  10. Brian Javier  (Forezine Fest Best Top 10)
  11. Micah Castrence (Ever Manila Plaza Best Western Cosplay)
  12. Laurence Rosales (Ever Manila Plaza Best Japanese Cosplay)
  13. Lorenz Dicatulac (Ever Manila Plaza Best Child)
  14. Aaron Sta.Ana (Ever Manila Plaza Best Mecha/Armor)
  15. Mark Rosario (Ever Manila Plaza Best in Pinoy Character)
  16. EJ Quintos (Kylevention Best Male)
  17. Jun Tao (Kylevention Best Male Runner Up
  18. Alexia Clair Sheridan (Kylevention Best Female)
  19. Jamie Acosta (Kylevention Best Female Runner Up)
  20. Jayson Tabuzo (Kylevention Best Mecha Armor Runner Up)
  21. Jergens del Rosario  (Kylevention Best Genderbend/Crossdress)
  22. Cyril Daquilena and Dy Sabala (Kylevention Best Genderbend/Crossdress Runner Up)
  23. Sasha LouisseSchobar (Kylevention Best Chibi)
  24. Adrianne Elysse Camandang (Kylevention Best Chibi Runner Up)
  25. POF 2016 Wildcard Best Japanese
  26. POF 2016 Best Western
  27. POF 2016 Best Mecha/Armor
  28. POF 2016 Best Child
  29. POF 2016 Best Pinoy Character

Cosplay Idol Season 3 Prizes

  • Champion – Php5,000 Ever Malls GC
  • Runner-up – Php2,000 Ever Malls GC

Cosplay Idol Season 3 Rules and Mechanics

  1. All finalists will have to confirm their participation and donate school supplies (3 notebooks, 1 ballpen and 1 pencil).
  2. Total time of performance is 3 minutes.
  3. There is no limit to the number of human props which will be used.
  4. There will be a NO JOINING FEE
  5. Registration will be from 10:30AM to 12:30PM
  6.  Cosplayers who registered online and submitted their reference photo will have the privilege to project their reference photo on stage.
  7. All cosplayers who will not register online are required to submit 2 copies of their character reference photo for proper reference of the judges to their character. Failure to comply will mean a 5-point deduction on their total score.
  8.  You can cosplay ANY GENRE from Anime, Gaming, Cartoons, Comic, Movie and Series.
  9. Dangerous stunts, metal props and other dangerous objects or props will not be allowed.
  10.  In case of destruction or damage due to a contestants cosplay act, the cosplayer will be the one to answer for the said damages.
  11. The decisions of the judges are final.
  12. Winners who are announced and not present will be contacted via mobile phone to arrange collection of prizes. A representative from the organizing team will collect the prize in their behalf.

Cosplay Idol Season 3 Judging

  1. 1. There will be a total of five (5) judges.
  2. 2. All Judges will be asked to sign a Judge Contract and Agreement and this include the random audience judge.
  3. 5. Criteria for judging will be as follows:
  • Characterization (cosplayers resemblance to the character he/she is cosplaying in terms of personality and actions) – 20 points
  • Costume and Accuracy (accuracy of the costume compared to the reference character, costume quality and its visual appeal) – 20 points
  • Cosplay Performance and Stage Presence (catwalk and performance during the presentation) – 30 points
  • Talent and Cosplay Idol Starpower (the difficulty of the talent performed by the Cosplayer) – 20 points
  • Audience Impact (the appeal of the cosplayer to the audience) – 10 points

5.  Remember that judging for the competitors is not only during stage presentation, we have instructed the judges to also base Characterization and Appeal off stage.

6.  Decision of the Judges is final and irrevocable.


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