Cosplay Idol Season 3 goes to KYLEvention 2016

Heard of Kyle Hillar Naron or Chibi Kyle?  Well he is probably one of the newest chibi cosplayers in the cosplay community and this April 8 in celebration of his birthday he is inviting you to join a cool cosplay event in his home province of Cavite.  Join KYLEvention 2016 and celebrate with him.  The event will host another leg of Cosplay Idol Season 3 were contestants can win Php15,000 worth of prizes.

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KYLEvention 2016 will be held at Citymall, Anabu, Imus in Cavite on April 8, 2016 (Friday) from 1PM – 6PM.  Onsite registration starts 11AM.  You can also pre-register online by CLICKING THIS LINK or registering at the form below.

Register online is now close


Here are the basic Rules and Mechanics of KYLEvention: Cosplay Idol Season 3:

KYLEvention 2016 AWARDS:

  1. Best Male – awarded to be best male cosplayer
  2. Best Female – awarded to the best female cosplayer
  3. Best Mecha/Armor – awarded to the best cosplayer whose costume is composed of 60% armor or rubber sheet.
  4. Best Chibi – awarded to the best child cosplayer age 12 years old and below.
  5. Best Genderbend or Crosdress – awarded to the best crossdress or genderbend cosplay.

Winners who have won in previous Cosplay Idol Season 3 leg can still join the competition, however when they win their slot will be given to the cosplayer next in rank to the winners.  Since it is Kyle’s birthday we are giving away some prizes to the winners as follows:

  • Best Male – P2,000
  • Best Male Runner-up – P1,000
  • Best Female – P2,000
  • Best Female Runner-up – P1,000
  • Best Mecha/Armor – P2,000
  • Best Mecha/Armor Runner-up – P1,000
  • Best Chibi – P2,000
  • Best Chibi Runner-up – P1,000
  • Best Genderbend – P2,000 SM
  • Best Genderbend Runner-up – P1,000
  • *** All winners will be included in the Cosplay Idol Season 3 finals.

Criteria for judging will be the same with previous Cosplay Idol Season 3 eliminations:  Characterization (cosplayers resemblance to the character he/she is cosplaying in terms of personality and actions) – 20 points, Costume and Accuracy (accuracy of the costume compared to the reference character, costume quality and its visual appeal) – 20 points, Performance (catwalk and character performance during the presentation) – 25 points, Overall Appeal (how the character can relate and involve the audience. The overall impact of the cosplayer.) – 10 points, and Talent and Cosplay Idol Starpower (the difficulty of the talent performed by the Cosplayer) – 25 points

For more details of the event and to get updated information you can visit

** Rules are subject to change without prior notice **

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