Cosplay Idol Season 3 Wildcards

Join the final eliminations for Cosplay Idol Season 3

The last leg of Cosplay Idol Season 3 will happen during the first day of Pinoy Otaku Festival (POF) 2016 on May 28 at Ever Gotesco Commonwealth.  Below are the rules and mechanics for Cosplay Idol Season 3 Wildcards(View Official Facebook event page here)

Cosplay Idol Season 3Categories and Prizes

  • Best Japanese – P1,500 Ever GC
  • Best Western – P1,500 Ever GC
  • Best Mecha/Armor – P1,500 Ever GC
  • Best Child – P1,500 Ever GC
  • Best Pinoy Character – P1,500 Ever GC


1. All previous winners from categories from previous Cosplay Idol Season 3 Elimination winners.  Previous eliminations includes: Forezine Fest 2016, Ever Manila Plaza, and KYLEvention 2016.  They will no longer be allowed to participate in the Wildcard competition.


  • All National Officers of Naruto Cosplayers PH will be disqualified from joining the competition.  This includes not only the Top 4 main officers but everyone including Chapter Presidents.
  • Previous Cosplay Grand Finals Champion.
  • Previous winners will be contacted via a private message through their Facebook account.  They are required to confirm on or before April 30, 2014.

Criteria for Judging

  • Characterization.  The cosplayers resemblance to the character he/she is cosplaying in terms of personality and actions. – 20 points
  • Costume and Accuracy.  The accuracy of the costume compared to the reference character, costume quality and its visual appeal. – 20 points
  • Cosplay Performance and Stage Presence.  This includes the catwalk and performance during the presentation. – 30 points
  • Talent and Cosplay Idol Starpower.  Pertains to the difficulty of the talent performed by the Cosplayer. – 20 points
  • Audience Impact.  This is the appeal of the cosplayer to the audience. – 10 points

Registration and Mechanics

To officially register online please read the rules and mechanics below and then fill out the registration form.  Good luck and see you at Cosplay Idol Season 3 Wildcards on May 28.

Cosplay Idol Season 3 Wildcards Online Registration is closed

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