Cosplay Idol Season 5

Cosplay Idol is back with Season 5 launching at SM City Marilao as part of the SM Cyber Month Cosplay Craze on August 24.  This is one of the original events and competitions of Naruto Cosplayers who saw brilliant cosplayers such as Bolen Lareza, Izaiah Luke Buelos, Alexia Clair Sheridan, and Raymart Reyes (Group Cosplay) as Cosplay Idols.

Cosplay Idol Season 5

Cosplay Idol is a combination of cosplay performance and show of real talents.  During the competition, you should be able to both portray the character and impress the judges with your talent on and off the stage.  Cosplayers are encouraged to modify and make your costumes as cool as possible as long as it retains the character and it can be seen as the character. Be awesome.

Each participant is given 3 minutes to perform on stage.  The participant can either be a solo, duo or even a group.  For this leg, there will be 3 categories plus a Cosplay Idol champion for SM City Marilao.

All winners will automatically qualify to join the Cosplay Idol Finals during Pinoy Otaku Festival (POF) 2020 in May.

To register simply fill out the form below.  Other rules and mechanics are also included.

You can visit the Facebook event page for Cosplay Idol SM City Marilao as well.



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