Cosplay Mania 2017: Event Highlights

Despite the long lines and bigger number of attendees (compared last year), Cosplay Mania 2017 has been the biggest Anime & cosplay related event happened during the second half of the year. Aside from the International cosplayers, this year’s highlights are more of their Japanese Anime Music (JAM) artists and Japanese Voice Actors (Seiyuu) guests.

Cosplay Mania 2017 happened at SMX Convention Center last September 30 to October 1. It’s been the biggest event by Cosplay.PH so far as it occupied the whole second floor of the convention center, filled with attendees from both local and from abroad.

More the 50 Anime, game and toy-related booths were stationed on the Hall EX plus the long line of Artists Alley were spotted. Aside from that, attendees were able to enjoy Japanese dishes at the food area located inside the said hall.

Day 1 Event Highlights:

* Happened during the first day to officially open the Hall SP (the bigger/concert stage area) was the Hatsune Miku Expo 2016 Special Screening. Features some excerpt from the expo happened last year from Japan’s well-known virtual singer Hatsune Miku.

* Yuri!!! on Ice panel where fans were able to see the Anime’s director, Sayo Yamamoto and producer, Fuuko Noda.

(Left) Geronimo Halle as Garen Crownguard from League of Legends) and (right) Vaune Gulana from as Khorn Berserker from Warhammer 40K. (Photo by NCPH Media Team Member Charles).

* Cosplay Solo Showdown held after the fan panel, where three winners won from three different categories: Geronimo Halle from Hybrid Class category (as Garen Crownguard from League of Legends); Janine Reyes from Agility Class category (as Rem from Re:zero); and Vaune Gulana from Assault Class (Khorn Berserker from Warhammer 40K).

Team Class S for Ultimate Cosplay Championship. (Photo by NCPH Media Team Member Charles).

* Ultimate Cosplay Championship – where Team Class S all the way from Bacolod won as Grand Champion and received Php 100,000 worth of cash and prizes.

* Anisong artists Konomi Suzuki and kradness also had their short interview lasted for 30 minutes per artists. During the night was the JAM concert where the artists performed.

Day 2 Event Highlights:

* Cosplay Mania Cup held at Hall SP happened at around 2PM. Kyle Tan as Red Queen from Alice: Madness Returns won as the grand champion and received Php 50,000 worth of cash and prizes.

* The much-awaited event highlight for the second day by Seiyuu fans, the fan panel featuring Japanese voice actors Wataru Hatano (Georgi Popovich from Yuri!!! on Ice, Reo Michubi from Kuroko no Basuke) and Koutaro Nishiyama (Narita Kazuhiko from Haiyuu!!, Toru Iwashimizu from Free! Eternal Summer) which lasted for more than an hour.

* Anisong artists Shiena Nishizawa and ELISA also had their short interviews. During the night was the jam-packed JAM Concert featuring kradness, ELISA and Shiena Nishizawa.

Despite the complaints by attendees around social media sites and long queue during the first day (which was partly resolve with alternative solution during the second day), Cosplay Mania 2017 has been a success. And indeed, its bigger and better from the past Cosplay Mania happened before in terms of number of International guests and event content.

As posted to their official Facebook page, the whole management will take event’s experience to help them improve more especially in terms of the volume of attendees.

Nier: Automata cosplayers spotted outside the hall. (Photo taken by NCPH Media Team member Ranne).

We are looking forward for Cosplay Mania 2018 which will happened on September 29-30 which is also CosMania’s 10th Anniversary. For more photos, check out our Facebook page! We will be uploading the rest of the photos taken during the second day of the event and Video blog by yours truly.

Short message: In behalf of Naruto Cosplayers PH Media Team, we would like to say our warmest Congratulations! and thank you! for allowing us to cover the 2-day event.

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