Cosplay Runway Returns

Cosplay Runway returns at Otaku Musika Festival at Tiendesitas, Pasig City.  This is a very unique cosplay competition which is first ever in the Philippines and is an original concept of Naruto Cosplayers PH (NCPH).  This will also be the first time that the original concept will finally be realized.

What is Cosplay Runway?

Cosplay Runway is inspired by one of the most renowned fashion shows in the world – Victoria Secret.  It is not all about whether you are in a mecha or awesome costume but about how you ramp your cosplay on stage, express characterization and wow the judges and the audience.  There will be a band playing carefully selected otaku and cosplay related songs while each cosplayer ramps on stage.

How will I Perform During Cosplay Runway?

It is just like any other cosplay competition the only difference is that there is no custom background music since a live band will be playing the background music.  You can do a mini skit and display your character in the allowable time of 1 minute.  The good thing about Cosplay Runway is this will level up the competition in terms of the costume because this is a cosplay fashion show in effect.

Can I modify my cosplay for Cosplay Runway?

cosplay runway

Yes, you can modify your costume for the competition.  Remember, however, to maintain the general concept of the character.  It is important that the basic image of the character is maintained since this is still cosplay.  It is not about costume similarity anymore but how you add your own creativity in making the character closer to your heart.

Cosplay Runway Awards

Each category of Cosplay Runway will have an award of its own plus there will be an overall winner.

  1. Icon – Php2,000 in cash. The highest total score on all the criteria will be the winner.
  2. Costume – Php1,000 in cash for the cosplayer who has the most accurate costume and blends with him/her. The highest score on the Costume criteria will be the winner.
  3. Characterization – Php1,000 in cash for the cosplayer with the most resemblance to the character in his/her actions and performance.  The highest score on the Characterization criteria will be the winner.
  4. Creativity – Php1,000 in cash for to the most creative cosplayer in his/her costume, performance and catwalk. The highest score on the Creativity criteria will be the winner.
  5. Originality – Php1,000 in cash for the most original costume by a cosplayer integrating the character of the original. The highest score on the Originality criteria will be the winner.

For more information on the event, you can also visit the official Facebook event page.

Register now

Be part of this unique cosplay event and experience a Victoria Secret type ramp in cosplay.  Register using the form below.


There will be an on-site registration on September 23, Sunday( 10:00am – 12:30pm)

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