CosSpoof (Cosplay Spoof) Group Cosplay Competition

Inspired by what we have seen at UP Curso’r Cosplay Event we are bringing a new competition concept to the main convention scene – CosSpoof.

What is CosSpoof?

It is a GROUP COSPLAY COMPETITION where you can cosplay your favorite anime, movie, game or any characters from any series and genre and create a 3-5 minute skit on stage.  You do not need to fully act out on character, the main goal is for you to be innovative and give us great fun and laugh.

CosSpoof Mechanics

  1. Form a group of at least 5 persons.
  2. Select your anime, movie, game or even TV series which you want to spoof or perform on stage.
  3. Create a 3 minute performance on stage.
    • It should not include any crossover unless the original has crossover characters.
    • Assign a dubber/s from your group who will make the voice for your performance.
  4. Total stage time will be 5 minutes with 1 minute for setup and 1 minute for cleanup.
  5. Costume materials should be as creative and as innovative as possible,  We encourage using recycled materials.

CosSpoof Criteria for Judging

  • Performance – 30%; the quality of the skit on stage.
  • Creativity and Originality – 30%; Creativity of your costume and originality of your performance.
  • Entertainment Value – 20%; how entertained the audience is and how funny it is.
  • Characterization and Costume Accuracy – 20%; how accurate the character and the costume is from the original.

*** Rules are subject to change without prior notice

CosSpoof Registration

POF 2017 CosSpoof Online Registration is now closed.

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