Dragon Nest Warriors Dawn in 3D and 4D

We invite you to watch and support the cinema screening of Dragon Nest Warriors Dawn beginning March 18, 2015.  Although some may have already watched the movie using other means we definitely advice you to watch it on the big screen since the experience will surely be very different.  A movie on the big screen is no substitute for other means.

Watching Dragon Nest Warriors Dawn is also a show of support for the continued development of the game.  This is also, as we know the first ever MMORPG movie in the big screen so it is very historic and momentous for gamers.

Produced by giant game prime movers Shanda Games and Eyedentity Games along with Chinese animation studio Mili Pictures.  “Dragon Nest: Warrior’s Dawn” is Mili’s debut production and is directed by Song Yuefeng, an award winning animation director. Fans of the MMORPG which has more than 100 million registered users will finally see the land of Altera and its inhabitants spring to life in cinemas. In the movie, the power of the evil Black Dragon has swept the land of Altera and all have suffered since then that triggered a sense of chaos.

Of its inhabitants is Lambert, an ordinary village boy who has seen first hand the murder of his parents and the destruction of his hometown. Growing up an orphan, he swore to learn the skills on how to be a good fighter to save Altera from the evil that imprisons it.

Along with Lambert are friends, fiends and creatures that he meets along his journey to become the unlikely hero of Altera.
“Dragon Nest: Warrior’s Dawn” opens March 18 in theaters nationwide through Axinite Digicinema.
– See more at: https://www.smcinema.com/news/dragon-nest#sthash.6w3QdVBY.dpuf

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