Featured Japanese Band : Traditional + Rock = Wagakki Band

It was March of 2013 when Wagakki Band was established. They are called as “The New Sensation Rock Entertainment Band”. Which consist of 7 musicians and the singer Yuko Suzuhana with her mystic voice deftly fuses traditional Japanese instruments with contemporary rock. The result is that strong oriental music, it’s like you want to dance while wearing a kimono.

Impact that nobody has ever seen. Brilliant and Strong. The miraculous fusion of  Rock band and Traditional performing arts. Authentic expression of music originated from japan. –  wagakkiband.jp

Their first appearance live with the current members was August 17, 2013 at Nico Nico Master 2 Uta to Ensou no Saiten. Their cover song Senbonzakura posted on Youtube was reviewed more than 22 million.


Wagakki Band became one of the known band around the world and did a lot of original and cover songs. Their latest release “Hangeki no Yaiba”, the theme song for the ‘Attack on Titan’, TV drama was more that what I am expecting. Traditional and rock music still exist but singer Yuko Suzuhana is not wearing a kimono and their drummer Wasabi is wearing a T-Shirt (which is not typical for him)


On September 2, 2015 their 2nd album will be released “Yaso – Emaki” and on September 12, 2015 they will be on the road starting at Club Citta’ Kawasaki City for their “1st Japan Tour 2015”.  Based on their official website the tickets for the tour is already “SOLD OUT”.

source: http://wagakkiband.jp/wagae/


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