FurryPinas 2018 Cosplay Winners Joins Cosplay Idol Finals

The winners of the first ever The Great Furry Cosplay Contest at FurryPinas 2018 will join the Cosplay Idol Finals.  The Season 4 Finals will be on June 3 at Ayala Malls Fairview Terraces.  Veteran cosplayer and crafter Guy Singson, and Isamu Sichirou, one of the most winningest cosplayer this year and last year were the winners.

The Great Furry Cosplay Competition

It is the first ever cosplay competition of its kins was a cosplay competition is themed with regards to the Furry fandom.  Anthropomorphic characters and their representation were the only once allowed to participate.  Guy Singson cosplayed Garo or sometimes referred to as the “Fanged Wold.”  His cosplay is based on a Japanese tokusatsu television series broadcast on TV Tokyo from October 7, 2005, to March 31, 2006, lasting 25 episodes.  The television series is the first installment of the “GARO” franchise, which is composed of several installments, including a live-action television series, films, TV & film specials, and anime series.

Isamu Sichirou (2nd Place)

Isamu Sichourou, who won 2nd Place cosplayed Wukong.  Wukong is probably one of the most popular characters from Chinese legends which is fairly present in the most popular games and movies.  In addition, you can find this character in games like Arena of Valor, League of Legends, DOTA 2 and more.  Sun Wukong, also known as the Monkey King, is a fictional figure who features in a body of legends, which dates back to the period of the Song dynasty.   He appears as the main character in the 16th century Chinese classical novel Journey to the West.


Besides Garo and Wukong there are also other exciting cosplays during The Great Furry Cosplay Competition at Furry Pinas 2018 including a group Furry performance plus another interesting character, Dragon Knight from DOTA 2.

Cosplay Idol Finals Season 4

Cosplay Idol Season 4 Finalists

Guy Singson and Isamu Shichirou join elimination winners from Bulacan and Greenhills in one of the most anticipated finals in the Cosplay Idol series.  This year the judges will all be resident judges of the competition plus parents of the winners of Cosplay Idol Season 1 and Season 2.  Isamu is not new to Cosplay idol since he was a finalist during Season 3.  For Guy this will be his first time in the finals and being a veteran cosplayer his cosplay and performance will surely be one of the most anticipated.

The Cosplay Idol Finals Champion for Season 4 will receive P3,000 Ayala Malls Electronic GC while the Cosplay Idol Season 4 Runner-Up will receive  P2,000 Ayala Malls Electronic GC.

For those who want to be part of Cosplay Idol Season 4 Finals, you can join the following eliminations:

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