The Great Furry Cosplay Contest x Cosplay Idol Season 4

Cosplay Idol Season 4 Finals is happening on June 3, 2018 during Day 2 of Pinoy Otaku Festival (POF) 2018: Ai at Ayala Malls Fairview Terraces.  Getting to the finals is not easy but we are giving more chances for everyone to be part of the finals of the latest season of this unique cosplay competition.   Join and register for FurryPinas 2018 “The Great Furry Cosplay Contest” and get a chance to be an automatic finalist for Cosplay Idol Season 4.

The Great Furry Cosplay Contest Cosplay Idol Pass

All the winners of FurryPinas 2018 The Great Furry Cosplay Contest will automatically get a pass to join and compete for Cosplay Idol Season 4 Finals.  They no longer need to register and compete at the wildcards.  The good thing is their unique cosplay and creativity will also be recognized.

Winners of the FurryPinas 2018 event can choose to cosplay the same character they use during the competition.  They will also be tagged as the official representative of the event to the finals.

How to Join The Great Furry Cosplay Contest?

The first in the Philippines ~ The Great Furry Cosplay Contest.  It is a cosplay, with a furry twist!

In order to participate in this competition, your costumes must be anthropomorphic animals in nature. However, points do go to creativity to unique depictions of said characters, like neko-ified or mecha versions of said characters.  Remember that the convention is General Admission, meaning nudity, no sexual acts, no kissing, and so on.

Prepare for a 2-3 minutes stage performance to impress the judges. The individual or team can perform a skit or an act that portrays the character well.  Below are some helpful links for those who want to join.

What are you waiting for?  Join the Great Furry Cosplay Contest now and be part of Cosplay Idol Season 4 Finals!

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