Karaoke Battle Royale

📅 DATE: May 17-19, 2019 (Friday-Sunday)
🏬 VENUE: Robinsons Novaliches, Quezon City
🎫 TICKET PRICE: Php100.00 per day
🔗 WEBSITE: pof.narutocosplayers.com
 We have done a lot of singing competition already for various events and we are running out of ideas actually.  This time for Pinoy Otaku Festival (POF) 2019: Asobu, we are borrowing some ideas from the prolific leader of Team OKE Gakuen – Kap Messi Chan Spears. We are introducing KARAOKE BATTLE ROYALE (Greatest Anime Singing Contest as per Messi)

Battle Royale Details

Karaoke Battle Royale will be composed of a maximum of 30 contestants.  There is no audition and all you have to do is register online and confirm at the event venue on Mary 19, 2019 (Sunday).  Those who register and will not show on the event will be perpetually banned in future competitions.

There will only be 1 winner in this exciting competition.

Registered Contestants:

We have a limit of 30 contestants and so far we have 18 registered contestants as of March 12, 2019.

  1. Heidi
  2. Renzo Bespren
  4. Fred Itachi
  5. HiNO
  6. General Yuri
  7. Kira
  8. Keii
  9. Yona Kuromatoki
  10. Jeii
  11. D.Cross
  12. Ryouzukhen
  13. Ernest
  14. Producer Adrian
  15. Lei
  16. Sanshain
  17. Arisu
  18. Selkie

Mechanics and Rules:

  1. Upon confirmation at the event venue, all participants will draw a number from 1-30 which will be their order of performance.
  2. Entry #1 must outscore all 29 contestants or have the four highest score after the contest in order to make it to the Finals
  3. The spot of registered contestants cannot be taken away by other nonregistered contestants.
  4. They can only perform ONCE onstage, except if technical issues would occur)

Karaoke Battle Royale Song of Choice

  1. Songs can be performed are Jpop only, until after first chorus (or 90 seconds, TV size).
  2. Japanese translated songs are allowed to be performed.
  3. A contestant will pick 5 songs, and their first song choice will be performed. If their song is already taken, they will perform the next song as long as it not yet taken.
  4. Song choices of contestants will not be revealed prior to the competition.
  5. Once the song of choice had been submitted upon registration it can no longer be changed.

Judging of the Competition

  1. Contestant’s score will be displayed after their performance, and it will be ranked starting from the highest score.
  2. There will be a selected panel of judges (8-10 judges) that will score their performance from 0-10. All of their score given will be combined, and this will be the contestant’s score throughout the contest.
  3. The contest will commence until all 30 contestants have performed. (There will be a break every after 10 contestants).
  4. In case of a tie in 4th place, they will perform a pre-determined song. Judges and the audience will pick the winner.
  5. Top 4 contestants will face off in the final round, where they will sing a full Jpop song later that night. Scores will be based on 100% criteria.
  6. The winner of the Final Face-off will win the competition and get a CHICKEN DINNER.
Karaoke Battle Royale 2019 Registration

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I am a blogger and social media buff since 2006. I also organize events. As a person, I engage in social issues, love chess, loves to joke around since I have a good sense of humor (I think)... and most of all I am hot (xD).