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NCPH and ACE joins Pinoy Coke Fanatics on their Outreach


April 06 2013. A day to remember for the parents, patients and medical staff of the National Children’s Hospital located along E. Rodriguez Ave, Quezon City. with the Pinoy Coca-cola Fanatics, the Naruto Cosplayers of the Philippines and Anime Cosplay Empire joins them in an outreach.  The outreach focuses on young children who are affected with sickness like cancer, anemia and others.

NCPH outreach


As I entered the hospital, I feel so pity about the condition of many children confined there. I feel that I was so lucky because I didn’t experience any of those we see there. All of the people had their own personal battle.


We meet a child named Cedrick,  he is battling with Leukemia. Her mother hurriedly approach us so that they will have the chance to get a picture with her son and a little conversation. But the most touching part here is that Cedrick pursued his eagerness to approach us so that he will have a picture with us at the photobooth. In that moment I know that he was so happy for that simple chance to have a picture with us.


I asked Kuya David some questions regarding the Outreach Event and here are his answers:

Pinoy-Coke-Fanatics-Outreach-Naruto-Cospyers-ACE(3)Why did you decide to cosplay MASTER POGI for the Outreach?
Master Pogi (Mr. Satan of Dragonball Z) is a character which brings laughter to everyone and with the pain and problems they are facing they need to be happy.

Ano ang feeling mo nung napasaya mo sila?
Actually masayang tumulong kasi kumbaga kahit papano nakakapagbgay ka ng kasayahan sa iba. Nakakadurog ng puso makita na nagsusuffer sila sa murang edad lalo pa at may mga anak ako so naiisip ko paano if mga anak ko yung nandun sa ganung kalagayan di ba… hirap ng sitwasyon nila.

Sabi nung ibang parents, nakakainspire daw ung pagpapasaya natin sa mga bata, ano pong masasabi nyo dito?
People are supposed to inspire each other and perhaps that is the difference we make from the rest.

Ano Feeling nung inaabot mo ung gifts sa kanila?
Sa bawat regalo alam ko matutulungan sila nun at saludo ako sa Pinoy Coke Fanatics as in… pero naiisip ko rin na di sasapat yun.

As our conversation goes by, Kuya David said that he, together with NCPH and ACE are looking forward for the next outreach..


MORE PHOTOS AT THIS LINK:  PINOY COKE FANATICS GIVES BACK the Outreach Team includes ( NCPH, ACE and Pinoy Coca-cola Fanatics)

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