NCPH at Otaku House Cosplay Idol Asia-Pacific Finals

Three members of Naruto Cosplayers PH (NCPH) are officially on the finals for Otaku House Cosplay Idol 2012.  These cosplayers are Tantin Meneses of NCPH Pampanga Otaku Alliance, Jery Ace Borbe of Manila South Otaku Alliance and David D’Angelo of Bulacan/Manila North Otaku Alliance.  The finals is a battle among the top 44 cosplayers from Australia and Australia who belong to the Top 5 of each of the Albums.

Otaku House Cosplay Idol 2012 Asia-Pacific Finals will run from November 13, 2012 to mid of December.  The voting this year had been more difficult and rigorous.  Cosplayers will be voted based on 4 photos, 3 cosplay photos and 1 Idol Factor.  The Idol Factor simply means that you like the cosplayer very much and you think he/she is indeed something very great and unique.  The 4 scores will be added to form the overall score.

We invite you to support each of our members for the Asia-Pacific Otaku House Cosplay Idol 20212 Finals.

Good luck to everyone!

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