NCPH Cosplay App! Get the latest cosplay-otaku news in your Android

icWY5nZ1HFNKjKnow the latest about the cosplay-otaku community here in the Philippines!

NCPH Cosplay App is available only for Android user. Developer by Ayaldev Creatives. The App is simple RssReader specialized for cosplay-otaku community in the Philippines. NCPH Cosplay App The best way to keep up with the latest news about Anime, Manga and Otaku Culture. NCPH Cosplay App provides the best experience for keeping up with what you love:

* New Episodes
* Upcoming Anime
* Events
* Live Action Movies
* Cosplay
* Merchandise

Stay tuned for more features in upcoming versions of the app!


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Size Current Version      Updated

2.33 Mb

Version 4

August 20,2013




Download the NCPH Cosplay App now~! 

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