CONQUERA: Classic Action-RPG Open Beta Signup Now Available

Singapore-based publisher Cherry Credits has announced that Open Beta pre-signups for its latest title, Conquera, have now begun across Southeast Asia. Players looking to get early access and exclusive in-game rewards can pre-sign up at till December 3, 2017.

Combining its Wuxia-style fantasy world with classic real-time isometric RPG gameplay reminiscent of Diablo and Neverwinter Nights, Conquera is an MMORPG in which the strong and ruthless triumph. The game is set in the richly historied continent of Maia, casting the player as one of the Dragonguard, an elite fighting force that must repel the orc armies of the tyrannical Lord Warmor.

Players can craft their hero from one of three classes: The Warrior, Mage, and Priest, with more classes to be introduced via post-release content. All hero classes feature their own unique skill progression trees, along with customizable and upgradeable weapons and armor.

The action takes place in a freely traversable Player-Kill-friendly world in which players can murder one another anywhere, anytime, with little consequence. Party-based play is hugely encouraged, as the game also features full-scale Guild Wars involving thousands of players at once. Additionally, a constantly evolving series of special in-game events ensures that players will always have new challenges awaiting them.

Watch this short teaser and start to forge your destiny with Conquera!


Conquera was originally released as The Legend of Mir: Eternal, the award-winning PC MMORPG from China to both critical and commercial acclaim, being selected by numerous gaming awards as one of the best Online PC Games of 2016. Its upcoming Southeast Asian release will feature English, Vietnamese and Mandarin localizations, along with dedicated community support from Cherry Credits. Players can join the Open Beta and participate in the community for exclusive in-game rewards at the official site and Facebook page.

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