Otaku Encore: Cosplay Idol at Bulacan State University Moved to April 27

Cosplay Idol - Otaku Encore at Bulacan State University

Naruto Cosplayers PH (NCPH) moved the COSPLAY IDOL event at Bulacan State University to APRIL 27, SATURDAY.  This decision was made upon a meeting with the partner organizers, BulSU Otaku Club.  Though it will be in April NCPH is  still bringing Otaku Encore Cosplay Idol at Bulacan’s first school based anime convention in order to showcase the artistry and creativity of both the students and anime enthusiasts in the OTAKU ART.  The event is an official partnership event with the BulSU Otaku Club together with ADCORE and in cooperation Anime Cosplay Empire (ACE) and Red Cloud Events and Productions.

Otaku Jutsu No Daigaku will give a chance to a student from BulSU to be the representative of Bulacan State University on Otaku Encore: Cosplay Idol.  The finals for the event will be held at Pinoy Otakufest 2013: Pinoy Superheroes Arise on May 24-25, 2013 at Starmall Trade Hall.

For registration link, details. rules and mechanics of the competition and event please read below…

Here are the important links and information about the event which can also be  found at OTAKU JUTSU NO DAIGAKU EVENT PAGE ON FACEBOOK:

ONLINE REGISTRATION: https://narutocosplayers.com/individual-cosplay-registration-for-otaku-jutsu-no-daigaku/ or at http://bit.ly/cosplaybsu

INVITATION PASS: http://i.minus.com/iuCdZz31qzIO2.jpg

GOOGLE+ EVENT PAGE: http://goo.gl/FEf1I


1. All contestants must register at the Cosplay Competition Registration Booth during the day of the convention proper. The registration period is from 11:00am to 1:00 pm, and will be strictly followed by the Cosplay Committee.


3. Contestants for the Individual Category must be present at the designated stand-by area at least 30 minutes before the start of the competition. Once the last contestant of the Individual Category has been called, all Group Category participants must assemble in the stand-by area.

4. For all contestants, please ensure that only finishing touches need be done by assembly time to ensure the smooth running of the competition. The Cosplay Judges will already be observing you during this time.

5. Each contestant’s presentation and costume will be assessed by the judges as per the criteria stated in the third section of this document.

6. HAZARDOUS, SHARP OR FLAMMABLE PROPS are not allowed. It will be confiscated and only returned after the event.

7. Prizes must be collected by the winning Cosplayer/Cosplay Group on the same day of the competition or on the date stated by the organizers. Prizes that are not collected on that day will be forfeited. Winners shall be announced during the Awarding Ceremony and will also be posted in the event’s Facebook page and the Organizers fan page.


The categories are indicated below and these categories are divided into two, one is the INTER-SCHOOL and the other is the OPEN SCHOOL competition, this chart will describe the following:

1. BEST MALE CATEGORY – includes all Male Cosplayers of any age that are wearing Costumes that consist of 60% armor or less.

2. BEST FEMALE CATEGORY – includes all Female Cosplayers of any age that are wearing Costumes that consist of 60% armor or less.

3. BEST MECHA/ CRAFTSMANSHIP CATEGORY – includes all Cosplayers of any age that are wearing Costumes that consist of 60% armor or more.

4. OTAKU ENCORE: COSPLAY IDOL CATEGORY – includes All Cosplayers of any age of any Individual Categories. It shall be a bonafide student of the Bulacan State University. The participant of this category shall have a performance of maximum 3 minutes.

—> COSPLAY IDOL will ONLY BE FOR BONAFIDE BULACAN STATE UNIVERSITY STUDENTS while other categories will be open for all <—


The cosplayers in both categories shall be judged using the following criteria:

For any In-School and Open School Category: includes Best Mecha, Male & Female, and Other Categories.

  • 25% – Costume and Accuracy
  • 25% – Characterization
  • 25% – Stage Performance
  • 25% – Overall Appeal
  • 100 % – Total

For Cosplay Idol Category: + 50 points for Talent and Idol Factor.

  • 25% – Costume and Accuracy
  • 25% – Characterization
  • 25% – Stage Performance
  • 25% – Overall Appeal
  • 50% – Talent and Idol Factor
  • 150 % – Total



1. The competition is on a first-come, first-served basis. All those who wish to participate must register for the competition at the Cosplay Competition Registration Booth to be considered eligible for participation.

2. During registration, please be prepared to give information such as your name and contact details. This information shall be treated with the utmost confidentiality and will not be passed on to any third parties. This information will only be used by the organizers and their partners in the event that they see necessary.

3. Upon registration, all contestants must provide all the necessary information outlined in the registration sheet.

4. All contestants must provide both soft and hard copies of the character they shall be cosplaying at the event.

5. All contestants MUST register at given time to register before the start of the competition to be considered eligible for participation.

6. All contestants MUST present themselves in the costume of a character from any genre (be it anime, manga, or video game).

7. During registration, contestants can only enter the Individual Category OR the Group Category of the competition. Contestants are not allowed to participate in two or more Categories.

8. Contestants can make use of human props however they should not be more than 5 and the skit that will be performed shall never cause danger to both participants and the audience.

9. Original Characters will not be allowed.

10. Participants will be given a maximum time of 3 minutes.


1. Every cosplayer who enters INTER-SCHOOL CATEGORY competition will get a change to win the COSPLAY IDOL AWARD.

2. The total points to be given for the cosplay competition will be 150 points. The additional 50 will be used to compute for the Cosplay Idol category.

3. A cosplayer who wins in the Cosplay Idol Award can no longer win for the Individual Cosplay Award.

4. You can perform as a group and win in the COSPLAY IDOL COMPETITION as long as their individual character average plus their collective talent will be the highest. Meaning isa lang ang bibigyan ng score sa talent ng buong group.


• COSPLAY COMPETITION = Judges scores on Characterization + Costume and Accuracy + Performance + 5 RANDOM AUDIENCE score on Overall Appeal.
• COSPLAY IDOL = Cosplay Competition Total Score + Judges score on your talent.

6. Only the first 4 criteria will be considered for the INDIVIDUAL COSPLAY COMPETITION. The last criteria will be used to select the COSPLAY IDOL CHAMPION.


1. A baggage counter is ONLY available for participants of the cosplay competition to leave their belongings.

2. The Organizers allotted the baggage counter only for REGISTERED cosplayers. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS.

3. We are implementing a ONE-TIME DEPOSIT POLICY wherein contestants/ cosplayers can only deposit their baggage ONCE. Re-depositing of items will not be entertained by the Baggage Counter after it has refused receiving items.

4. Cosplayers should only deposit once they are sure. Please avoid installment deposits.

5. If cosplayer/contestant decides to claim his/her baggage earlier than the claim time, means that they are agreeing with the ONE-TIME DEPOSIT POLICY of the Organizers and that their baggage shall not re-entertain.

6. Your COSPLAYER NUMBER shall your CLAIM TAG. Make sure to take care of your cosplayer number. A NO ID, NO CLAIM policy is strictly implemented.

7. In cases of lost ID, please inform a Field Marshal immediately.

8. Items that are not deposited in the counter that will be lost or damage within the Cosplayer’s Area or the event itself is not be of the organizers responsibility.

9. Baggage Counter is open from the start of the event and shall start to refuse deposits 30 minutes AFTER the Cosplay Registration cut-off is implemented.

10. During claiming, personal information may be asked for security purposes. The Baggage Counter reserves the right to refuse suspicious bags/items that may endanger our staff or anyone else within the area. Authority personnel’s may also be asked to check upon the said item for security purposes.

11. The Baggage Counter does not accept the deposit of perishable goods such as food, drinks and similar items.

12. DO NOT DEPOSIT ITEMS OR YOUR BAGS WITH YOUR PERSONAL BELONGINGS and VALUABLES INSIDE. The Organizers are not liable for any losses to it. Please be responsible.

13. Participants are strongly advised to bring a friend or relative to attend to his/her personal belongings and valuables.

As a REMINDER TO ALL, the competitors / visitors can only go to the said event via an Invitation Pass that will be needed on the Event Premises.  If your a student of BulSU, we wil distribute it simultaneously with the releasing of Passes for Outsiders/Visitors. ^_^ thank You.. ^_^

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