Our Mission and Vision

Welcome to the site! As an introduction, we would like to present to you the conception and a brief background about Naruto Cosplayers Philippines !

Naruto Cosplayers PH (NCPH) is a Japanese pop culture organization established on October 10, 2010. It is making a difference through cosplaying and other forms of Japanese pop culture appreciation to inspire others and promote friendship, love, camaraderie, fun, play and promotion of LOVE and PEACE. Our official motto is “UNITED AS ONE”.

Why are we called “Naruto Cosplayers”?

Many new members and those who would join us would say “Do we need to be a cosplayer of a character from Naruto to join NCPH?” Of course that would be a legitimate question considering our organization’s name, however the answer is NO – You do not need to be a cosplayer of a Naruto character to join us.

We are Naruto Cosplayers because we live by the positive ideals of Uzumaki Naruto and his example of helping people and spreading goodness to everyone.  That is why we promote “CausePlay” or Cosplay for a Cause.  So we are open to everyone including cosplayers, artists, photographers and even those who want to discover what we do.

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NCPH logo timeline

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2014 – present

“New Logo for a New Generation”


NEW GENERATION for us, that’s why we created a new logo for one of the most honorable Otaku group in the Philippines, Naruto Cosplayers Philippines or NCPH. Through years NCPH had proven that cosplaying is not just for FUN but also for a meaningful cause. In that way NCPH change the OTAKU community here in the country. To continue this pledge, We need the new generation to walk the road to ninja with us~!



The mission of the organization is to become a well known organization that promotes causes and activities in different parts of the globe through cosplaying and entertainment. Its mission is to organize different people and unite them to make a difference in there own simple and unique ways.

• Promote CausePlay or Cosplay for A Cause.

• Encourage cosplaying as an art.

• Help various individuals and organizations through cosplay for a cause.

• Create an interactive and socially relevant cosplay and Otaku community in the Philippines and the world.

• Enhance members talents and abilities.


The organization envisions to create unity through inspiring others by means of cosplaying, photography, art and other ways inspired by Uzumaki Naruto and the anime Naruto. It shall be an organization that set examples to others by making a difference in them on simple ways through cosplaying. Its vision is to expand this organization to different walks of life and to create chapters from different part of the country. It shall unite youth in changing the lives of others. Naruto Cosplayers PH (NCPH) will be an organization which promotes the motto UNITED AS ONE.



The organization will engage in different types causes or activities by the means of events, entertainment, shows and performance. Its goal is to make an impression and impact to everyone that ordinary people can inspire others and be heroes in their own simple ways. Such causes are:

  • Collecting school supplies for the poor children
  • Participate in events for a clean green environment
  • Raising funds for cancer patients
  • Tree planting activities
  • Promote peace.
  • Barangay clean ups from different location of the Philippines
  • Food feeding for street children
  • Calamity fund raising events
  • Support to other organizations and their causes and advocacy

Its goal is to teach and educate youth the values of being a leader and how to organize a team that can set good examples to this community.  And to create projects that promote our country’s culture and natural resources in the world in creating photo shoots and events from different location.


  • To create an interactive and socially relevant Cosplay and Otaku community in the Philippines and the world.
  • To have members and chapters all over the Philippines so that NCPH will be able to realize its mission, vision, goals and objectives.
  • Help various individuals and organizations through Cosplay for a cause.
  • Promote Otaku clubs and cultures in schools and universities to that more youth will be exposed and learn to appreciate the value of watching anime.
  • To be able to tie up with a different youth organization to share common goals and mission in achieving projected for a cause.
  • Be able to get more help from sponsors who wants to organize for a cause events.
  • To promote the art of cosplaying.
  • To have a representative from the Philippines to compete in international Cosplay competitions
  • To enhance members talents and abilities.

For more information, please email ncph2010@gmail.com

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