Be part of Rampage 2016 Cosplay Event

Come in your best cosplay outfit, impress the organizers and be part of Rampage 2016 Cosplay Event.  Yes, you heard that right this big gaming event happening on July 23, 2016 at World Trade Center Pasay has a cosplay event.  This event is separate from Cosplay Clash 2016 and you need to purchase tickets in order to join.  So what’s in it for you?

Rampage 2016 Cosplay Event

Special treatment awaits legit League of Legend’s cosplayers whose cosplay meets the 80$ completion requirement. Among the incentives offered by the organizers includes the right to use the special event entrance, used of baggage area, use of special comfort room, priority help from assigned event volunteers and the chance to win prizes by becoming one of the best looking cosplayers.

Rampage 2016 Cosplay Event Mechanics

Be part of “The Honorable Wandering Champions (HWC).”  Impress the judges and be among the cosplayers who will qualify for the Panel Judging.  All cosplayers who want to join need to register on the booth for HWC located at the special entrance.  Registration is until 2PM.

Rampage 2016 Cosplay Event

If your cosplay is good enough to be spotted you will be called for the panel judging at 3PM.  Each qualified cosplayer will then have a presentation and performance on a stage setup for the event.  They will then be judge according to craftsmanship/quality, accuracy, presentation and proportion.

The most tricky part here is proportion since Rampage 2016 Cosplay Event’s goal is to find cosplayers who also look as close as possible as your character, this includes poses, and body motions. In short, someone who really personifies and brings to life the character.

More details on Rampage 2016 Cosplay Event

For more details you can visit the HWC rules here and the Rampage: Cosplay Walk-In Guide/Info here.

We hope to see you at the event.

Good luck!


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