Pinoy Otaku Festival (POF) 2017: A Huge Success

Pinoy Otaku Festival was first conceptualized and started in 2011.  It was actually Pinoy Otaku Encore 2011 at SM Megatrade Hall 3 which can be considered as the very first POF.  POF 2017, however was the most successful and best among all the festival that was held and it was because of the cooperation and full support of Ayala Malls Fairview Terraces to the event.  If not for them, it will not be a success.

Pinoy Otaku Festival (POF) 2017: Danketsu is the biggest event of Naruto Cosplayers PH (NCPH) for 2017. It is the 4th run of this annual event which was inspired by its first ever concept in November 2011 – Pinoy Otaku Encore.

The concept this year was focused on the goal of providing an inspiration for UNITY with the whole community, hence the team DANKETSU. Danketsu is the Japanese term for the word unity. The event organizers invited various organizations to join the event and work together towards making the event a success.


Most of the booth exhibitors at the event were offered free booths so that there will be something to look forward during the event.  Booths like Godzilla Collectors Philippines, Hungry Meeples, Tag Cash, Yune Oh and organizations like The Otaku Philippines, UP Manila – OMAKE, Aishiteru Anime have free space.  They are asked to bring interactive activities and also invite more attendees to the event.  Yune Oh is a media partner which provides prizes for some of the raffle and contests.

  • Godzilla Collectors Philippines – Godzilla toy exhibit.
  • SweetAsCandy Shoppe – stuff toys, anime items, pins, key chains and more.
  • YuneOh – media company which promoted POF 2017 and also offered raffle prizes to those that will sign-up
  • Tag Cash – provider of Red Cloud Royalty card and also run their Tag Wild interactive scavenger hunt game during the event.
  • Hungry Meeples – a restaurant and café which distributed more than 500 discount coupons during the event.  They also hosted the teaching and playing of Japanese Board Games.
  • Cospray – washable hair color spray used for cosplay.
  • Garminte – various anime and fandom items.
  • Team Raket – customized pins, photos and other otaku fandom items
  • Kawangis Komiks – various comics and posters.
  • Fancy Moi! – various customized braclets and neclaces.
  • Artist Alley – we also have 2 artist in this area which provides commissioning and sell their created personalized items.
  • UP Manila – Omake – offers a Japanese festival game to attendees plus a selection of cure items.
  • The Otaku Philippines – promoted the event and also holds a Japanese game during day 1
  • Aishiteru Anime! – promoted the event and also holds a Japanese game during day 2

This is the first time that an exclusive workshop was offered to participants of an event. Although we thought that those who will attend should buy a Red Cloud Royalty Card, we later on allowed these that cannot afford but are interested to attend the workshop.

Workshops are as follows:

  • Basic Costume Making and Crafting
  • Cosplay Photography by Dee Jocson
  • Drawing and Arts by Kawangis Komics
  • Voice Acting and Dubbing by The Dubbing Booth Company
  • Basic Wrestling by Manila Wrestling Federation

The most attended among the workshop was Drawing and Arts.  In fact the attendees requested for a second day so the mentor have to create a new module for them.


All of the Panel Discussion were well attended.  We did not expect that it will be received that well since in other events there were only at most 10-people listening to a panel.  During POF 2017 there were tons of attendees who are not only listening but are also participating in the discussion.  For the next POF they are actually requesting that this be included again.All of the Panel Discussion were well attended.  We did not expect that it will be received that well since in other events there were only at most 10-people listening to a panel.  During POF 2017 there were tons of attendees who are not only listening but are also participating in the discussion.  For the next POF they are actually requesting that this be included again.

Our Panel Discussions are:

  • Anime Genres: Yaoi, Yuri and Harem
  • Cosplaying in the Philippines
  • Difference and Similarities of Western, Eastern and Local Fandom

All of the competition during POF 2017 were well participated including the 2 new concept which are a first in the community – CosCraft and CosSpoof. CosSpoof is still to be furthered developed but it was something that the audience welcomed and want to join in the future. CosCraft was also a big hit since the judges also had a hard time choosing which among the contestants to mentor.

Winner List:Winner List:
May 20, 2017 – Saturday

  • Ultimate Karaoke Battle Day 1 – #3 Ana Alforte (Anata Dake Mitsumeteru)
  • Coscraft – Arnold Lareza’s Choice – #9 Rommer Lloyd C. Natividad (Rathalos Hunter)
  • Coscraft – Tomas Hernandez’s Choice – #18 Yna dela Cruz (Soul Calibur 3)
  • Coscraft – Mark Daniel’s Tipozo’s Choice – #19 Crezerel Canete (Mr. Bean)
  • Coscraft – JayAr Buelos’ Choice – #12 Jai Nina Roque (Moana)
  • POF Bandslam 2017 – #6 Altered Sphere of Conciousness

May 21, 2017 – Sunday

  • Ultimate Karaoke Battle Day 2 – #9 Sora- Flakes (Voltes V no Uta)
  • Individual Cosplay Day 2 – #20 Isha Dizon as Nozomi
  • Individual Cosplay Day 2 – #17 Cyril Daquilene as Ishikirimaru
  • CosSpoof – Kamen Rider Duterte
  • Fantasm Award – #10 Sergio Sta. Ana
  • Costume Award – #4 Joren Selda as Kamen Rider Dento
  • Realism Award – Jayson Tabuzo as Vegeta
  • Engagement Award – EJ Quintos as Gaara
  • Difficulty Award – Icee Ticar as Agent Hunk

Due to the games presented during POF 2017 like Anime Game Challenge, AniHenyo, Singing Bee and Who Wants to be the Ultimate Otaku, they all feel that this was the best and a chill event that they had been looking for a long time.

It was not only the contestants on stage that participated in the games but also those at the audience. They tried to answer each question in Who Wants to be the Ultimate Otaku and sing-along as each of the song of Singing Bee is played.

We are looking forward to add more fun and interactive games in POF 2018.


We would like to share some of the positive comments that we received during Pinoy Otaku Festival (POF) 2017.  These are only a few of them.

“It was the most fun I’ve had at a convention! I love that you brought your event to the Novaliches area, because we rarely get any events like this around here. And it was a 10min jeepney ride from my house so extra yay. Lol! The event grounds itself was laid out well, a little cramped but it added to the appeal haha. Just a little more work with the stage setup (maybe a less slippery stage next time? Although I don’t know if that was your fault) and making the program just a tiny bit more interactive. But overall it was fanf👌ckingtastic. I’m already gearing up for next year! Sana dito ulit lol. Great job!!” – Lyra Oraya

“Its amazing na yung fest is free admission and the most na nagustuhan ko is nasa fairview area ang convention ^_^ and nasa mas madami ng stall sa next festiv. Also i dont think na magkakaroon ng kpop 😂😂😂 after all this is anime festival not kpop festival lo” – John Punzalanl

“super successful event! naiiyak parin po ako sa sobrang saya tuwing maalala ko yung denketsu XD sana po next time mas maraming ng stalls! Thank you very much!” – Guea Malagar

Pinoy Otaku Festival (POF) 2017



“Congratulations also to my co-host, David, for their very successful Pinoy Otaku Festival 2017 held at the Fairview Terraces during the previous weekend (May 20 and 21). I’ve read a lot of positive feedback and testimonials as thousands of people flocked their event. Kudos to David for still showing up at the Wazzup Pilipinas radio show to co-host even though he was tired and sleepless from the Saturday (first day of their event). I’m glad I picked him to be my co-host.” – Ross del Rosario, host Wazzup Pilipinas Radio

“First Time ko po pumunta at sobrang saya po. 😁 Ang gaganda po ng mga games nyo po. 💖 Sana may Battle of Band ulit at Singing Bee… 😇 Nxt time po ulit…. sana malapit ulit sa amin.” – Jaden Fornias


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