POF 2017 Ultimate Karaoke Battle

Show us your best voice as you perform any Japanese popular and traditional song.  Please read the mechanics below and register by filling out the form at the end.

POF 2017 Ultimate Karaoke List of Contestants

Listed participants are need to perform on the day they are in. Please bring your final off-vocal songs in MP3 format only and transfer the song thru FlashDrive/Memory Card (bring your own card reader). See you there!


  1. May Antoinette P. Ronquillo
  2. Renzo Alferez
  3. Avelina Valerie A. De Castro
  4. Heidi Punto Icamen
  5. Cera Vivace
  6. Venus Kimura
  7. Fred Itachi
  8. Vaune Roulema
  9. Misha Matsunaga
  10. KMCS
  11. Aerodan Razo
  12. Melody B. dela Rosa
  13. Marie Franz Uy
  14. Paula Busilac
  15. Emil Belgica
  16. Jossa Jireh Louise G. Manalili
  17. Ma.Arnielyn “Ria” Arpon
  18. Ayeza Jeremie Mella
  19. Ana Marie Alforte
  20. Ruu Kurosawa


  1. Lorie Anne D. Laudit
  2. Princess Angolluan
  3. Jessa Marie Buenconsejo
  4. Anika Celestine
  5. Ranzy E. Nuque
  6. Sora-Flakes
  7. Kevin John Espiritu
  8. Chemmy Buena
  9. Phatrick Morales
  10. Bien Austria
  11. James Vincent Jacinto
  12. Sunshine Melchor
  13. Mikhaella Rose M. Dacayanan
  14. Diane Jane L. Mapula
  15. Bryan Fornoles
  16. Cai-cai Chanco
  17. Mikki Nyan
  18. David Ybanez
  19. Jin Yuzuki
  20. Miguel Mallari
  21. Jayson Tabuzo

POF 2017 Ultimate Karaoke Battle Rules and Mechanics

  1. This contest will only be open to 15 participants.
  2. Pre-registered participants are required to confirm at the event date and venue from 10am to 12:00pm. Also there will also be an onsite registration from 10am to 12:00pm.
  3. Contestant must perform one (1) FULL SONG from any (Japanese anime series/anime OVA or J-rock song).
  4. The song must be in Japanese unless the original lyrics is in English or contains English in the lyrics.
  5. Contestant must bring their own copy of their mp3 file. MP3 song in USB and should be in KARAOKE (NO VOICE).
  6. The time limit for each contestant is maximum of five (5) minutes total.
  7. Contestants should be in strict compliance with their call time. Late performers would not be allowed to perform if it is going to affect the schedule flow of the event.
  8. The organizers hold the right to disqualify any competitor for any poor behavior displayed by or that go against any of the rules stated.
  9. The organizers holds the right to go against any judge’s score sheets/decisions if any wrong doing is found or suspected. (Falsification of scores, sabotage.
  10. Decision of the JUDGES IS FINAL and UNAPPEALABLE.

POF 2017 Ultimate Karaoke Battle Prizes

The competition will now be for 2 days and each champion per day will receive Php1,000 worth of Ayala Malls Electronic Gift Certificate.

POF 2017 Ultimate Karaoke Battle Judging

  1. There will be three (3) judges for the competition.
  2. Judges will not be facing the contestant while they are performing.
  3. If the judge like the performance that is the only time they will face the stage and rate the contestants.
  4. Criteria for judging will be as follows:
  • Voice Quality / Lyrics — 60% in-tune voice quality to the original song, suits their voice and right notes perfectly
  • Stage Presence — 20% confidence, stage presence, style Interaction with audience, etc.)
  • Costume – 10% – wearing a costume of one of the character or the singer is plus points)
  • Audience Impact — 10% – How the audience is affected by your song.

POF 2017 Ultimate Karaoke Online Registration is closed

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