Register now for POF 2018 Workshops Limited Slots Only

If you want to take part in the POF 2018 Workshops you better register now because we only have very limited slots.  Each workshop will be open to only 25 individuals because we want to focus on the quality and not the quantity. We are also allowing an individual to register only for 1 workshop for both days, thus if you have registered for one, you can no longer register for another.

Registration is ONLY PHP20.00

Each workshop only costs Php20.00.  Part of the proceeds will go to the Hands of God Charity Works.  We are hoping that this amount will not be a burden for you to join and learn.  You can always pay more and donate more so that we can help more people.

POF 2018 Workshops Workshop Schedule

Here are the POF 2018 Workshops which we will be having this year.  Choose wisely what you want to learn.  We will also be giving a certificate to all attendees.

  • Digital Art Workshop.  Learn the basics of digital art from Huion and American Technologies Inc. (ATI).  The training will offer you a hands-on experience with the Huion Digital Tablet.  Also, you can join their art contest later on.
  • Cosplay Crafting and Costume Making.  For the second year in a row, Mr. Arnold Lareza will be sharing his experience and expertise in costume making.  Learn how to craft basic armor and weapons.  We will be providing key materials for you during the workshop.
  • Karatedo Workshop.  In partnership with the Philippine Karatedo League (PKL), we will be providing you a free workshop in an art which shapes Southeast Asia.  Learn the basics of self-defense during this workshop.
  • Baybayin Workshop.  Learn how to write in the original Filipino script which is being revived as our National Script System or handwriting.

Also, in all our workshops please don’t forget to bring pencil, ballpen and a notebook.

Register Now

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