Cosplay Xtra

Besides Cosplay Idol and Coscraft we are adding another special cosplay competition because it seems that this year Pinoy Otaku Festival is showing the love for cosplay and cosplayers.  Let us introduce you to COSPLAY XTRA.  This is a quick cosplay competition where we invite all cosplayers attending the event to register, join the parade and ramp on stage for 1 minute to show their character and impress the judges.  

Cosplay Xtra Prizes (Ayala Malls Electronic Gift Certificate)
  • Best in Cross-dress or Genderbend – P1,000 Ayala EGC
  • Best Lovers or Shipted Cosplay (Duo) – P1,000 Ayala EGC
  • Best Original Character – P1,000 Ayala EGC
  • Best Child – P1,000 Ayala EGC
Cosplay Xtra Rules and Mechanics
  1. There will be a registration fee of Php20.00 (25% will go to our CausePlay project)
  2. There will be 4 categories for this competition:
    • Best in Cross-dress or Genderbend – Male cosplayers who cosplays a female character or female character who cosplay a male character or a male or a female who made the character suit their own gender.
    • Best Lovers or Shifted Cosplay (Duo) – Couple cosplay of characters who are lovers in their series or show or who are being shifted.
    • Best Original Character – Now you can create your own original character.  Just send us a character profile for the judges to see.
    • Best Child – Cosplayers who are 12 years old and below.
  3. Registration and Confirmation for Cosplay Xtra will be on June 3, 2018 from 11AM to 3PM only.
  4. All registered cosplayers are required to confirm at the venue an hour before the event starts.
  5. Each cosplayer will be given 1 minute on stage.
  6. A maximum of  1 human prop is allowed.
  7. Presentation on stage will be by category.
  8. Cosplayers who will not join the parade will be given a 5 point deduction on the overall score.
  9. Cosplayers who will exceed the time by more than 5 seconds will be given a 10 point deduction on the overall score.
Judging for Cosplay Xtra
  1. There will be three (3) judges for the event
  2. Criteria for judging will be as follows:
    • Characterization (cosplayers resemblance to the character he/she is cosplaying in terms of personality and actions) – 25%
    • Costume and Accuracy (accuracy of the costume compared to the reference character, costume quality and its visual appeal) – 25%
    • Performance (catwalk and performance during the presentation) – 25%
    • Overall Appeal (how the character can relate and involve the audience. The overall impact of the cosplayer.  – 25%
  3. For original characters, Costume and Accuracy will be replaced with Originality and Craftsmanship.
Pre-Registers Participants for Cosplay Xtra
  1. Ranselle Honey Anislagon
  2. Athena may odulio
  3. Charie B. Bagotsay
  4. Rai de Guzman
  5. Nan Mianbao
  6. Willow Lee
  7. Ma. Michaella Advincula
  8. Jossa G. Manalili
  9. A.W.L.
  10. Jeremiah I. Bernardo
  11. Hannah Ishikawa
  12. raye hino
  13. Phatrick
  14. Alquea Malagar
  15. Katelyn Anne Fababaer
  16. Bryan M. Fornoles
Cosplay Xtra Registration

Please register at the form below: