POF Panel Discussion 2018

We are so happy that our POF Panel Discussion had well participated last year.  For Pinoy Otaku Festival (POF) 2018: Ai, we are bringing in more panel discussions for everyone.  Each panel topic will have at least 3 resource speakers and will last for a maximum time of 30 minutes.  We know that this is not enough time but that is all we have to bring this to the event so make the most of it.


DAY 1 – JUNE 2, 2018

POF Panel Discussion: Anime vs Manga vs Visual Novel vs Light Novel

Summary: Let us talk about the different renditions of our favorite works in anime, manga, visual novel and light novel.  Which is more appealing and which is more popular.

Moderator:  Jay Agonoy


POF Panel Discussion: Marvel vs DC

Summary: What’s the difference between Marvel and DC?  Why is Marvel so popular right now and why movies from DC fail to appeal to a worldwide audience.  As we all know DC started the cinematic universe phenomena when Marvel was all comics.

Moderator:  Jay Agonoy



Issues in CosComm

Summary: Why are there so many issues in the Cosplay Community (CosComm) nowadays?  How do you avoid them?

Moderator:  David D’Angelo


DAY 2 – JUNE 3, 2018

POF Panel Discussion: Male Japanese Seiyuu (Voice Actors)

Summary: Join our discussion on the male voices behind your favorite animes and games.  Who is your favorite among them?

Moderator:  Ranne Tubig


POF Panel Discussion: May Forever Ba Sa Cosplay? (Is there love in Cosplay?)

Summary: Can true love be possible in cosplay?  Meet our couples who fall in love as cosplayers or who was led to love because of cosplay.

Moderator: David D’Angelo

Panelists PART 1 June 2:

Panelists PART 2 June 3:


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