Battle of the Bands

POF 2019 Battle of the Bands Competition

📅 DATE: May 17-19, 2019 (Friday-Sunday)
🏬 VENUE: Robinsons Novaliches, Quezon City
🎫 TICKET PRICE: Php100.00 per day
If you think your band has what it takes to be best, find out. Join this year POF Battle of the Bands Competition.

If your band is interested in competing, registration below now. Spots are limited. Interested bands must submit their completed entry form until by April 01, 2019.

Showcase your band unique style, Songs will be as follows:
(1) JPop or JRock song selected by the band
(2) Pinoy rock or Original Pilipino Music (OPM).


Registered Contestants:

We have a limit of 10 contestants and so far we have met the 10 registered contestants early, March 15, 2019.

  1. Silent Ki-zuna
  2. Nōshi
  3. Tajima no Maboroshi
  4. LookOut
  5. W8
  6. Idolator
  8. Yume*Miru
  9. Takairockz
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Otaku Musika 2018 Battle of the Bands

Otaku Musika Festival 2018, the first ever pop culture events which center on music and incorporates it even in cosplay will be happening on September 22-23, 2018 at Tiendesitas Food Village.  It will just be one of the largest Otaku-themed battles of the bands.  18 bands are now participating for the  Otaku Musika 2018 Battle of the Bands on September 22, 2018.  Each band will be performing one JPop/JRock music and 2 other songs which can be their original composition, an Original Pilipino Music (OPM) or another JPop/JRock song.

Bands for Otaku Musika 2018 Battle of the Bands


  • Magic knight rayearth ost – yuzurenai negai
  • Fed up – Talata
  • The beginning – ONE OK ROCK

 Zaru Soba

  • F – Maximum the Hormone
  • Gilid – Moonstar 88
  • Deal With – Oldcodex


  • Mighty Long Fall – ONE OK ROCK
  • Sa Ngalan Ng Pag-ibig – December Avenue
  • Deeper Deeper – ONE OK ROCK


  • Start:Dash – LoveLive
  • Akap – Imago
  • Again – Yui

Tomorrow At 1

  • Kimishidai Ressha by One ok Rock
  • The Fight is Over by UrbanDub
  • Silhouette by Kanaboon


  • Rewrite by Asian Kung-Fu Generation
  • Pasubali by Sponge Cola
  • Re:Re by Asian Kung-Fu Generation


  • no thank you – k on
  • tagpuan – Kamikaze
  • shine days – girls demo


  • Dont Say Lazy- K-on
  • Martyr- CHDTR
  • CHAOSMYTH- One Ok Rock


  • Martyr Nyebera – Kamikazee
  • Go – Flow
  • Baton Road – Kana Boon

Tajima No Maboroshi

  • Pride Kakumei – Chico with Honeyworks
  • Murang Budhi – Revelation
  • Haruka Kanata – Asian Kung Fu Generation


  • Taking Off – One Ok Rock
  • Boston Drama by Typecast
  • Kazen Kankaku Dreamer


  • Kiss of Death (Darling in the FranXX) – Mika Nakashima
  • Wag na Wag mong Sasabihin – Kitchie Nadal
  • Bluebird (Naruto Shippuden) – Ikimonogakari


  • Brave Shine – Aimer
  • Ikaw parin – letter day story
  • Harukaze – SCANDAL


  • Unravel by TK
  • Sobrang in love by Chndtr
  • Colors from Code Geass


  • Nanka Shiawase – OYSTARS
  • Torpe – Barbie’s Cradle
  • Awanai Tsumorino Genki De Ne – SCANDAL


  • Black Rover
  • Simpleng Tao ( Rock Version )
  • The Day

Sci-fi Tinapay

  • BACK-ON / 「STRIKE BACK」 fairytale op 16
  • Narda By Kamikazee
  • Jeepney by sponge cola


  • Minutes til midnight – Gospel of throttle (Drifters Anime)
  • Supervillain – orginal composition
  • My Hero (Inuyashiki) – Man with a mission

The Queens

  • Hohoemi No Bakudan
  • Anak
  • Chiisana No Uta

Registration for Otaku Musika 2018 Battle of the Bands

For those who still want to register for Otaku Musika Battle of the Bands, registration is OPEN UNTIL AUGUST 31, 2018.


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Otaku Musika Festival at Tiendesitas

Otaku Musika Festival is finally happening on September 22-23, 2018 at Tiendesitas in Pasig City.  Thanks to Ortigas and Company for being our venue partner and allowing us to finally bring this event to life.  It will be our first ever 2-day event which focuses on music plus IT IS TOTALLY FREE TO ATTEND.  Our official hashtags are #OtakuMusika #OtakuMusika2018.

Events at Otaku Musika Festival

Otaku Musika Festival will be a showcase of talents not only from anime and JPop community but also from some related pop culture which we want to showcase.  We will have a total of 5 featured competitions for this event as follows.

  • Ultimate Singing Idol.  We started this event last Pinoy Otaku Festival 2018 and now we are bringing it back.  We decided to replace the Banzai! category with a solo category to give way to those who want to perform solo.
  • Groove It!  We are bringing back our dance competition but now you can perform as an individual, duo or as a group.  We miss seeing dances on events.
  • Battle of the Bands.  We really enjoy listening to bands and so do you.  Enjoy an expanded version of our POF BOTB.
  • Cosplay Runway.  We will finally do it for you,  This is a cosplay ramp where you ramp while a band is playing.  If you have watched a fashion show from abroad well this is somewhat like that – a cosplay fashion show with a twist.
  • Lip Sync Battle.  This will be the first time that we will try this out so I hope that you can support us.  Just bring a mic, memorize the song and moves, lip sync to it and perform to your hearts out.

Otaku Musika Festival Highlights

Besides the competition we will also be having exhibitors and booths as our partners.  Some of your favorite booths from Pinoy Otaku Festival will be returning for this event.  There will also be new partners coming in so that you can make the most our of going to the event.

Pinoy Idol Performance will also be one of the highlights.  We will be bringing back some of those that performed during the last Pinoy Otaku Festival 2018 plus more.  We will announce them once everyone confirms.

Meanwhile here are some of our exhibitors and booths for the event:

  1. Japan All Stars
  2. Genki Shoppu Shoppu
  3. Euan and Euro Stuff
  4. Team Raket
  5. Fancy Moi
  6. Tina and Stitch
  7. Kiyasuriin
  8. InkJinks Label
  9. Bunny Luz
  10. Lumi Skullgurl
  11. Kawaii J&K Shoppu
  12. Get Hype & Mei Young Shop
  13. Just Another Fangirl
  14. Mr. Johns Online Store
  15. Lunatic Studios

There will also be selected booths for the independent Idol Groups performing during the event.

Want to Join Otaku Musika Festival?

If you want to perform, be one of our partners as exhibitor/boot or be a media partner then please send us an e-mail at  We will be more than happy to welcome you.

Don’t forget to visit our pages and event page and show some love.

Otaku Musika Festival Program

DAY 1 – September 22, Saturday

  • 10:00am – 11:00pm: Confirmation of Registration
  • 11:00pm – 11:30pm: Opening of Program
  • 11:30pm – 12:30pm: The Ultimate Singing Idol: Solo Star
  • 12:30pm – 12:40pm: Special Performance: Jossa Manalili
  • 12:40pm – 3:10pm: Battle of the Bands Set 1
    1. Takairockz
    2. Zaru Soba
    3. Re:play
    4. Fudorakko
    5. Tomorrow At 1
    6. W8
    7. ShiZuka
    8. Placeholder
    9. FreeTix
  • 3:10pm – 3:20pm: Special Performance: Jhoenel Marquez
  • 3:20pm – 4:20pm: The Ultimate Singing Idol: Duet and Tagalized
  • 4:20pm – 6:500pm: Battle of the Bands Set 2
    1. Tajima No Maboroshi
    2. Rockariot
    3. Orenjii
    4. Rafflesia
    5. SYMADA
    6. LookOut
    7. Sci-fi Tinapay
    8. Bel-z-bub
    9. The Queens
    10. Rokugatsu
  • 6:50pm – 7:00pm: Ureshii San Tomodachi
  • 7:20pm: Announcement of Winners and Awarding

DAY 2 – September 23, Sunday

  • 10:00am – 11:30am: Confirmation of Registration
  • 11:30am – 12:00noon: Opening of Program
  • 12:15pm – 1:15pm: Anime Lip-synch Battle
  • 1:15pm – 1:40pm: Groove It!
  • 1:50pm – 2:05pm: Special Band Performance: Voice of Tranquility
  • 2:05pm – 3:05pm: Cosplay Runway
    • Band Performances in Cosplay
      • Kanjiru
      • Project Materia
      • Nekojin
      • yume*miru of BanG Dream! Philippines
  • 3:05pm – 3:35pm: : Anime Name That Tune!
  • 3:35pm – 5:05pm: Otaku Idol ConcertPart 1
    • Alice Project
    • Lumie
    • CH4U
    • Poly-V
    • Music Tales
    • Rainbow Signal
  • 5:05pm – 5:20pm:  Special Band Performance: A Day Before This
  • 5:20pm – 6:35pm:  Otaku Idol ConcertPart 2
    • V’s Project
    • Sofia The Artist
    • Tanchikon
    • Ivy! Musume
  • 6:35pm – 6:50pm:  Special Band Performance: Corvus Mind
  • 7:00pm: Announcement of Winners and Awarding

Otaku Idol Concert at Otaku Musika Festival

We would like to announce some of the confirmed performers for Otaku Musika Festival.  This list will still be updated and hopefully more will be joining the event.


Otaku Musika Festival Guest Bands

Ultimate Singing Idol Participants

Solo Star

  1. Patricia Sazon
  3. Renzo Alferez
  4. Richelle Kaye Ropal
  5. Wilfredo Resurreccion Jr
  6. Jon Jeric Padrones
  7. Amira Bontia
  8. Mikee Jo Tuazon
  9. Roxanne Figueroa
  10. Beata Lauresta
  11. Alcantara, Sherwin Patrick Orocia
  12. Lea Rose Mabalot
  13. Roxanne Quilicol
  14. Hana Shane Villanueva
  15. Princess Angolluan
  16. Armelyn Magbanua
  17. Arvec Palmiery
  18. Jack Leyva
  19. Jenny-Ann Santos
  20. Kevin John B. Espiritu
  21. Carlo Garcia
  22. Divine Grace C. Pe Benito
  24. Diana C. Delgado
  25. Arjean Mae Agustin
  26. Rona May Llabres
  27. Ernest joseph villamil
  28. Sky Claudio
  29. Mhelind Cruz
  30. Shannen Rubio
  31. Arisu
  32. Kei
  33. Chelsea as Asuna

Karaoke Duet 

  1. Dianna Rose Sangco
  2. Gwen Nicole Salazar and Janneiah Peñaflorida
  3. Gianina Fuentebella & Jeremy Beatrice Veluz
  4. Monique Bernardino
  5. KARMA – Carla Diamante & Rona May Llabres
  6. Aoi and Vio
  7. Megu-Alice

Tagalized Star

  1. Kristie Atienza
  2. Sharon Rose Galinea
  3. Angela Marie Yukim
  4. Novemberlynn Delgado

Battle of the Bands Participants

  1. Takairockz
  2. Zaru Soba
  3. Re:play
  4. Fudorakko
  5. Tomorrow At 1
  6. W8
  7. ShiZuka
  8. Placeholder
  9. FreeTix
  10. Tajima No Maboroshi
  11. Rockariot
  12. Orenjii
  13. Rafflesia
  14. ON the spot
  15. Rokugatsu
  16. LookOut
  17. Sci-fi Tinapay
  18. Bel-z-bub
  19. The Queens

Cosplay Runway Participants

  1. Renzo Alferez
  2. Mylyn R. Perez
  3. Mariane G. Rodas
  4. JB Yee
  5. Jai Nina Ricki Roque
  6. Jalo Sheen D. Olea
  7. Dylan Baluyut
  8. Miriam Estapia aka Yamite
  9. Jerry Tuazon
  10. Dylan Baluyut
  11. Denice Carmela Bautista
  12. Maria Buvelle
  13. Jerand Emmanuel S. Cordero
  14. Rona May Llabres
  15. Chelsea Sangco
  16. Rocel Monton
  17. Pocholo Ariño
  18. Jessalyn Heramiz
  19. Asti Margarett Bundalian
  20. Jayson Tabuzo
  21. Fedelyn Lumasag
  22. Rommer Lloyd C. Natividad
  23. Marinelle C. Santiago
  24. Rose Marie Gorero

Groove It! Participants

  1. Jalo Sheen D. Olea
  2. Chihiro
  3. AiRi
  4. Tenchii
  5. Rainy
  6. Erio Khaleesi
  7. アミ (Ami)
  8. Pink Roach
  9. Jeii

Otaku Lip Sync Battle Participants

  1. Renzo Alferez
  2. Raven Kun
  3. Ira Shane Bordalanga
  4. Jhoenel Marquez
  5. Aldrich Francisco
  6. Adeza Cagande
  7. The Miz

See you on September 22 and 23, 2018 at Tiendesitas, Pasig City for Otaku Musika Festival!

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Pinoy Otaku Festival (POF) 2017: A Huge Success

Pinoy Otaku Festival was first conceptualized and started in 2011.  It was actually Pinoy Otaku Encore 2011 at SM Megatrade Hall 3 which can be considered as the very first POF.  POF 2017, however was the most successful and best among all the festival that was held and it was because of the cooperation and full support of Ayala Malls Fairview Terraces to the event.  If not for them, it will not be a success.

Pinoy Otaku Festival (POF) 2017: Danketsu is the biggest event of Naruto Cosplayers PH (NCPH) for 2017. It is the 4th run of this annual event which was inspired by its first ever concept in November 2011 – Pinoy Otaku Encore.

Continue reading →

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POF Bandslam 2017

Battle of the Bands is back at Pinoy Otaku Festival 2017.  Please read the rules and mechanics below and then fill out the form at the bottom for POF 2017 Bandslam. Continue reading →

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Sneak Peak at Best of Anime (BOA) 2014

Sneak Peak at Best of Anime (BOA) 2014

Best of Anime 2014 will once again be a sure success since it is combining the right ingredient that people and anime-lovers wanted to see in a convention. This year the event would a bit more expensive but there would be more things to expect and tons of guests to see. BOA 2014 will be on September 20-21, 2014 at Function Room 3 and 4, SMX Convention Center, SM Mall of Asia Complex.

Last year we have an awesome time covering the event and also having our very own booth at the event.  We also manage to meet Joe Inoe and gave him his very own Otaku shirt.


Here is our coverage of BOA 2013: [ DAY 1DAY 2 | Jiaki Darkness and Yuki Godbless ]

A ticket for this year’s event is peg at P300 for one day and if you avail of the two-day pass it will only be at P500. Remember that the venue is SMX so we would like to remind you that guards are more strict in this area and you better avail a ticket that loiter around outside. Take the lesson last April.


If you want to buy in advance the ticket for BOA 2014, you can CLICK THIS BOA 2014 TICKET RESERVATION FORM and you can also choose any of the methods below:

  • Personal Purchase = Visit their office in Makati and buy your tickets there.
  • VIA Bank and Carrier = Fill up the Reservation Form and send it to their email, Deposit your payment in the Bank, Send them the deposit slip and your tickets will be mailed.
  • Express Lane = Send us the Reservation Form via Email, Deposit your payment at the Bank and send the scanned copy to us and you may pick up your Ticket on the Day of the Event.


Kaika (updated July 23, 2014).  She is the person behind The Cosplay Chronicles.

Onnies. Among the top 30 cosplayers in with more than 160,000 Facebook fans. She is a Thailand-based, Chienese cosplayer known for her impressive cosplay and crossdresses.

Joe Inoe. He already became a guest for BOA 2013 and he is coming back to once again entertain everyone. Joe Inoe is a Japanese-American singer who was well known for his rendition of “Closer”, which had been used for the fourth opening of Naruto Chippuden. He also had other songs for other animes. He will be performing on September 21.


Visual Kei Band. BOA 2014 will once again showcase a Visual Kei Band although the name of the band is not yet announced. I would not be surprised it it will once again be Uchusentai Noiz since their comeback last May was not enough. Noiz had made tons of new Filipino songs and it would be great to have them in BOA this year.


BOA is coming up with 3 categories for their Cosplay Competition: Chibi, Cloth and Mecha/Armor. This categorization will be something which will bring fairness to those who are wearing cloth costumes, so that they can have chance to win the competition. It is also an all-star competition meaning you can cosplay any character from any genre and be it Japanese or Western.

Prizes includes cash prize of P5,000 for Mecha/Armor, P3,000 for cloth and P2,000 for Chibi. Prizes will also include freebies, a plaque of recognition and special feature on BOA’s media partners. Take note as well that Chibi for BOA 2014 will cover cosplayers ages 2-7 years old.

BOA 2014_All Star Cosplay_Revised


BOA 2014 will be the venue for the first ever Inter-School Cosplay Competition. This is a cosplay competition which was held at various schools with the help of in-school organizations. The finals will be held during BOA.

If you are an artist you can join the BOA Quockdraw Competition which is being run online. Just check out for the theme, create the artwork and then submit them online.

Besides the above competition there will also be a Battle of the Bands. Photo Competition, and BOA Superstar (Karaoke Competition), You can download and view the mechanics for the competition at THIS LINK.


If you are looking for all sorts of specialized merchandise then BOA 2014 is an ideal place for you. Toys, accessories and items that are totally dedicated to anime will be present in this convention. Besides that, we are sure that there will be fun booths at the event which includes activities and gaming. You will rather be inside the event to experience the fun that be left out outside of the venue.

For more updates on BOA 2014 link up to the following:

  • Facebook:
  • Twitter: @BestofAnime_BOA
  • Official Hashtag: #BOA2014

See you at BOA 2014!

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Molito Cosplay Idol S2 Pre-registered contestants

Molito Cosplay Idol S2 Pre-registered contestants

As of September 6th, 2013 (8:30 pm PH Time) here are the  list of pre-registered contestants for Molito Cosplay Idol S2 . For Group and Pet Cosplay  September 7 (DAY 1) 1pm to 4pm confirmation and onsite registration of the participants. And For Individual Cosplay Idol and Battle of the Bands September 8 (DAY 2) 11am to 3pm confirmation and onsite registration of the participants. Continue reading →

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Molito launches cosplay event and plays host to Otaku Encore Cosplay Idol S2

Molito launches cosplay event and plays host to Otaku Encore Cosplay Idol S2

Molito in Alabang will be staging its first ever Otaku and cosplay related event on September 7-8, 2013.  The 2-day event will feature an outreach by the owners and managers of Molito, group cosplay competition and the cosplay pet show.  Meanwhile, the second day will serve as the launching of Naruto Cosplayer PH (NCPH)’s Cosplay Idol S2 (Season 2) plus a mini Battle of the Bands.

Cosplay Idol S2 will not only give the Cosplay Idol title to individual cosplayers but will also allow duo, trio and group entries to compete.  Since Cosplay Idol is not only based on cosplay performance but pure talent, the competition will be pretty interesting. Continue reading →

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