TagCom 2018 Aftermath

We were once again part of the official media partners of TagCom 2018 and we can safely say that this year’s event was a lot better compared to last year.  The focus of the theme of the event returned and there were more booths and considerably more attendees as well.  Congratulations to the organizers headed by Hobby at Worx (HobbyWorx) and their partners: Animax, GSM Blue, Kensja Store, Cospray, Cubizone and a lot more.

Cosplay Competition

Compared to previous years, TagCom 2018 had tripled the number of competitors.  There are more than 20 cosplay participants this year competing for Best Male, Best Female and Organizer’s Choice.  At some point, the participants can be remembered as some of those which competed in an international event last March.  it was a fun and enjoyable competition which lets everyone showcase their talent in cosplaying.

Winners for the TagCom 2018 Cosplay Competition are Izaiah Luke Buelos (Bumble Bee from Transformers) for Best Male; (Sabre from Fate Stay Night), Best Female; and David D’Angelo (Kratos from God of War), Organizer’s Choice.

Beside the main winners, there were also special awards from San Miguel GMS which was awarded to the cosplayer of the Warrior of Light from Final Fantasy I.  Another cosplayer, Knievel Rosaroso was approached by one of the judges and given a prize because of his superb rendition of Guy Sensei from Naruto.

Booths and Auction

The main highlight of every TagCom and HobbyWorx event is their booths and auction.  There were tons of items that went into an auction and some of them are indeed rare collectible.  Imagine a starting bid of just 1 peso for a premium collectible.  Veteran auctioneer, Joel delos Santos was the host of the segment.

There were many booths dedicated to toys and collectibles during the event.  Aside from that, the artist alley was also a place which enjoys the attention of event goers.  Great discounts were also given during the event by the various booth concessionaires. More photos are uploaded on our Facebook page.

We would like to congratulate TagCom organizers, sponsors, and partners for another year of success.  This is their 12th year by the way and we are looking forward to the next one come 2019.

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Hobbiworx Collecticon remains the best collectible auction event

Hobbiworx Collecticon remains remains the biggest and best collectible auction event in the Philippines.  Collecticon 2016 definitely brings together tons of auction hauls from rare stuff toys, toy figures, previously owned items and more.  The event also brings together toy exhibitors and sellers from around the metro to offer discounted prices to everyone. Continue reading →

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Manila Hobbies and Collectibles Convention

Start the year with the first ever event this 2016, the Manila Hobbies and Collectibles Convention.  Get ready to flock and join the event on January 16-17 at SM Megamall, Megatrade Hall 3.  Participate in the cosplay competition, KPop contest, plus get a lots of does of toys, die-cast, figures and statues and meet the Sneaker Club.

Don’t have a ticket yet?  Well, this is your lucky day because they will be giving away 50 FREE TICKETS until January 10, 2016.  It’s a 1 day pass entry so join the contest.

All you have to do includes:


Are you interested to join the Manila Hobbies 2016 Cosplay Competition?  Check out the guidelines below:

1.  Registration begins at 10:00am and closes at 2:00pm, January 16, 2016 (SM Mega Trade Hall 3).
2.  The participants must have the following upon registration:
a. Two (2) COPIES of a full body picture of the character.
b. Registration forms. The participant should fill-out a registration form provided at the event itself. It will be submitted upon registration together with the full body picture of the character.

3.  The Cosplay Catwalk will be from 3pm-6pm. Individual cosplayers are given a maximum of 0ne (1) minute stage time.. Failure to comply with the time limit will result to the disqualification of the cosplayer from the competition.
4.  Cosplayers will be judged during the Cosplay Catwalk, from which the Best Adult & Best Child/Kid Cosplay will be chosen.
Best Male
Best Female
Best Child

5.  The winner of the Cosplay competition will be decided by the judges in terms of these criteria:
a. Characterization (35%) – the cosplayer’s resemblance to the reference character in terms of personality and behaviour.
b. Costume and Craftsmanship (35%) – resemblance of the costume to that of the reference character. Quality of the costume and visual appeal.
c. Overall Appeal (30%) – innovativeness, creativity, and audience appeal. This including the catwalk presentation for individual cosplayers.

Winners will receive Php10,000 worth of prizes and giveaways.

For more information and updates please visit the OFFICIAL HOBBIWORX FB PAGE.

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