Free Japanese Films through EIGASAI Film Festival

Free Japanese Films EIGASAIAre you ready for free Japanese films?  If you are then you are in for a big treat as Japan Foundation Manila (JFM) and the Embassy of Japan launches one of the biggest EIGASAI or Japanese Film Festival this year, beginning on July 7 to celebrate JFM’s 20th Anniversary and the 60th year of Japan-Philippine friendship. Continue reading →

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Japan Foundation Manila Celebrates 20th Anniversary

We would like to congratulate Japan Foundation Manila (JFM) for their 20th Anniversary in the Philippines.  JFM is  Japan’s lone institution dedicated to carrying out comprehensive international cultural exchange programs.

Most of you would have known Japan Foundation through their various activities particularly their successful cultural exchange programs.  Programs are divided into three categories: Japanese-Language Education in the Philippines; Arts and Culture; and Japanese Studies and Intellectual Exchange. Continue reading →

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