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Is there a double standard in Cosplay?


With cosplay becoming mainstream we would like to ask you if there exist a double standard in Cosplay?  What if a woman dress as a sexy or revealing character how would you react?  What if it is a male dressed as a sexy male or a genderbend female character?  Would there be any difference?

Take a look at this video from Naruto Cosplayers US and see what they have to say.

What about you, what do you think?

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Cosplay Against Bullying needs YOU now!

Naruto Cosplayers PH (NCPH) is in full support of the efforts of our counterpart Naruto Cosplayers USA (NCUS) to raise funds to support the Cosplay Against Bullying Campaign.  We all all part of a group of sci-fi/fantasy enthusiasts dedicating our time to spreading a message of friendship and ending hate both on and offline.

CAB-profile1More than a year ago, Myk Castillo from the Philippines started a Facebook Page to promote “Cosplay Against Bullying.”  The page grew and cosplayers began to join in the campaign by sending their photos and creating images and quotes to support and spread the campaign.  In 2014, we began spreading the campaign as part of our official CausePlay activities.

In that same year, Naruto Cosplayers US was formally formed and since bullying is a major issue in the US, the campaign moved its way to the United States through a small group of people with a dream to mitigate the effects of bullying in schools, workplaces, and anywhere else it can occur.

Given that the problem can happen to anyone, and that it is a problem so wide spread, the dream to inspire others to fight against it seemed impossible and doomed to fail. In the last 8 months of the activity in the states, however,  followers on all CAB’s social media outlets have more than doubled in a short amount of time.

However, this campaign needs your support more than ever.  We encourage you to support the fund raising initiative below and share whatever you can to add more fuel to this campaign and spread it as well.

These funds that will be donated will go to expenses related to the campaign ONLY. Examples include, but not limited to: travel expenses, annual website fees, photography equipment repair, or anything used to contribute to the cosplay site. We also help fund organizations that work with us to help fight against things like verbal harassment, sexual assault, spousal abuse, etc. These funds, however, WILL NOT be used to fund personal expenses such as costumes, items for sale at conventions, autographs/pictures with celebrities, etc. Those types of items are personal purchases and we pay for those ourselves 🙂


We thank you in advance for your support. Please spread this campaign to as many people as you can. This is not about us but about those who will need our help and together we can make a difference.

Click this link for full information on the COSPLAY AGAINST BULLYING CAMPAIGN.


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Happy Birthday Uzumaki Naruto and Naruto Cosplayers PH (NCPH)

NCPH tarp - modifiedOctober 10 is the official birthday of Uzumaki Naruto and coincidentally it is also the founding anniversary of Naruto Cosplayers PH (NCPH).  The organization was established on October 10, 2010 (10-10-10) by Longskie Saldana, David D’Angelo, John Dwight D’Angelo, Matt Anthony Jabonete, Rio Magpayo and Nathan Nocillado.  It started as a mere group of cosplayers wanted to cosplay Naruto characters and later evolved as an organization promoting “Cosplay for a Cause” or #CausePlay.

NCPH had been at the forefront of innovations in the cosplay community since then.  Some of its innovation includes:

  • Balance criteria for judging in cosplay competition giving 25% weight uniformity.
  • Rebranding of Mecha category to Mecha/Armor to give more chances to those who are non-mecha.
  • Introduction of Cosplay for a Cause through “Otaku I Care” and reaching out to various causes.
  • Introduced the first ever pinoy-themed event Pinoy Otaku Festival (though this has yet to be fully implemented.)
  • First ever local cosplay organization to branch out internationally through Naruto Cosplayers International and Naruto Cosplayers US.
  • Pioneered events in areas like SM City Marilao, SM City Valanzuela, SM City Baliwag, SM City Masinag, Waltermart Sta. Maria, and Starmall among others.
  • Introduced Cosplay Idol, the only true cosplay + talent cosplay competition.
  • Pioneered Otaku Choice Awards, the only award giving body in the community which gets nominees and votes from the community itself.

Trials and hardships are part of any organization including Naruto Cosplayers PH (NCPH) but with the help of everyone we will surely manage to triumph over each and everyone of them.  We greatly value the community that we belong that is why we will continue to be of service to fellow cosplayers, anime fans, manga readers, artists, photographers and more.

What is behind Naruto Cosplayers PH (NCPH)?  What does it do?  What inspired us?  Let us share this article from Otaku House to tell you more about us, just click this link.



We greatly give thanks to our allied groups and affiliates which includes HTP : Team Suna, Z Warriors, Aishiteru Anime, Anime Cosplay Colors, Anime Cosplay Empire (A.C.E), Anima Infinity Cosplay Organization, Original Tarlac Cosplayers Unlimited, PATTS – Otaku Alliance, Philippine Gaming Cosplayers, Anime Corner Group Pilipinas, Hall of Cosplayers and Otakus, King of Fighters Cosplay Group, Otaku Zutto, and United Anime Council.

We also give our sincerest appreciation to all our partners and sponsors which includes Spin Manila BusTV, RRCG Transit, Rockx Tees, Best of Anime, Cherry Credits, The Corner Tree Cafe, Cubizone Philippines, Gorgeous Shoppe, Great Toys Online, Hero TV, L5R Productions, Mogu-Mogu, O-Mise, Otaku Asia Anime Magazine, The Sci-Fi Cafe, Reimaru Files, Otakista, The Cosplay Cafe –, Anime Pilipinas, Deremoe, Anime PH, Devangelic Shop, Let’s Go Legit, Red Cloud Events and Productions, Toys Kolektibols, Funk Sinatra and many more. (View full list).

This year, we plan to do more awesome events and we want to ask for your involvement.  We also hope to promote Cosplay Against Bullying as one of our regular advocacy and spread it worldwide.

One of our dreams is that one day we can have a convention for a cause where other cosplayers and Otakus from around the world would come to the Philippines without paying for their transportation and accomodation.  They would come because they want to join us and have fun.

Again our sincerest thanks in making our 4 YEARS a success.  Happy Birthday Uzumaki Naruto and again Happy 4th Year Anniversary Naruto Cosplayers PH (NCPH).

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