Who will be the next Otaku Encore: Cosplay Idol?

Are you ready for more?.. Here comes Otaku Encore: Cosplay Idol at SM City Baliwag.  We are bringing along during the event lots of fun and excitement plus 8 guest bands including bands from the NCPH Performers Division.  Also, join our special guests School Buzz TV Team of Tito Nel, Ella G., Yoyo Tricker and Chesca Cruzita and Ayumi Kassinique, one of the most popular, well-loved and beautiful cosplayers in the Philippines.

FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE:  www.facebook.com/events/280939968692581/

REGISTER ONLINE NOW AT www.narutocosplayers.com/december-9-2012/ (valid until 6pm, Thursday, December 6, 2012).  To CHECK YOUR REGISTRATION AND NUMBER PLEASE CLICK HERE.

DATE: December 8, 2012

ORGANIZER: SM City Baliwag and Naruto Cosplayers PH (NCPH) in cooperation with Red Cloud Events and Productions.

REGISTRATION FEE:  FIFTY FIVE PESOS – P55.00 (1 Eco Green Bag and 1 SM bottled water to support SM’s environmental campaign and clean water drinking water for the youth of Mindoro).

  • Ayumi Kassinique, one of the most popular, well-loved and beautiful cosplayers in the Philippines.


  1. Majik Talap
  2. Myo Na Hako (Strange Box)
  3. H2B United (Hidden Hanabi Band)
  4. AHO (Amai Hataraku Otaku)
  5. Ikuzo Iwa
  6. Aeriel Arena
  7. Asterysk*
  8. Mezzophonic



1. All previous winners are disqualified to compete in the same category that they won.
2. All costumes that have already won are disqualified regardless who would use them.
3. Winners who have won as COSPLAY IDOL cannot win again for the same title.


• Cosplay Idol Champion – P5,000 worth of SM Gift Certificates.
• Best Philippine Historical Character – P5,000 worth of SM Gift Certificates.
• Best Anime – P3,000 worth of SM Gift Certificates.
• Best Game – P3,000 worth of SM Gift Certificates.
• Best Child – P3,000 worth of SM Gift Certificates.
• Best Mecha/Armor – P3,000 worth of SM Gift Certificates.

COMPETITION DETAILS (***Some details are subject to change for improvements of the event):


1. Every cosplayer who enters the competition will get a change to win the COSPLAY IDOL AWARD.
2. The total points to be given for the cosplay competition will be 150 points. The additional 50 will be used to compute for the Cosplay Idol category.
3. A cosplayer who wins in the Cosplay Idol Award can no longer win for the Individual Cosplay Award.
4. You can perform as a group and win in the COSPLAY IDOL COMPETITION as long as their individual character average plus their collective talent will be the highest. Meaning isa lang ang bibigyan ng score sa talent ng buong group.

All members of the group performance should register and once they win as COSPLAY IDOL they win as a group and no member from that group can win in the other categories.


1. There will be 5 categories for the Cosplay Competition:
• Best Philippine Historical Character– all characters from Philippine history be it fiction or non-fiction. Examples are Jose Rizal, Mariano Ponce, Pedro Calunsod, Ibarra etc.
• Best Mecha/Armor Type – all cosplayers who are cosplaying a Mecha or those whose costume are 60% composed of armor. This category rules will strictly be implemented.
• Best Anime– all cosplay which are based on anime series except Mecha, and Child.
• Best in Game – all cosplay which are based on games except Mecha, and Child.
• Best Child – all cosplayers age 12 and below except if they opt to compete on other categories.

2. There will be a pre-registration of participants.

3. All pre-registered cosplayers are required to confirm at the venue from 10:00am to 1:30pm.

4. Each cosplayer will be given up to 3 minutes to perform.

5. Individual cosplayers can use human props and there is no limit to the number of human props as long as their performance will not exceed 3 minutes. A 10 point deduction will be made for every minute in excess. There will be a timekeeper assigned at the event to monitor this.

6. Acceptance is on a FIRST COME-FIRST SERVED basis.

7. Only 150 cosplayers will be accepted.


1. Dangerous stunts, metal props and other dangerous objects or props will not be allowed.

2. In case of destruction or damage due to a contestants cosplay act, the cosplayer will be the one to answer for the said damages.

3. You can cosplay any anime, manga, game or movie character.

4. No member of the staff or organizing committee will be allowed to participate in the cosplay event competition.

5. The decisions of the judges are final.

6. If you have any complaint please watch out for our feedback form or drop it at the suggestion box/feedback box that we will deploy during the event.


1. COSPLAY COMPETITION = Judges scores on Characterization + Costume and Accuracy + Performance + 10 RANDOM AUDIENCE score on Overall Appeal.

2. COSPLAY IDOL = Cosplay Competition Total Score + Judges score on your talent.


1. Judges will be announced during the event.

2. There will be three (3) judges provided by the organizers and two (2) guest judges from the audience.

3. Criteria for judging will be as follows:

• Characterization (cosplayers resemblance to the character he/she is cosplaying in terms of personality and actions) – 25 points
• Costume and Accuracy (accuracy of the costume compared to the reference character, costume quality and its visual appeal) – 25 points
• Performance (catwalk and performance during the presentation) – 25 points
• Overall Appeal (how the character can relate and involve the audience. The overall impact of the cosplayer. This will be judged by selected audience during the event.) – 25 points
• Talent and Cosplay Idol Starpower (the difficulty of the talent performed by the Cosplayer) – 50 points

4. Only the first 4 criteria will be considered for the INDIVIDUAL COSPLAY COMPETITION. The last criteria will be used to select the COSPLAY IDOL CHAMPION.


prepared by Mhien Adavan, NCPH Performers Division (Band) Captain:


10am – 1:30pm – Confirmation of pre-registered contestants

10am – 2pm – On site registration of contestants

10:30am – 11:30pm – Uchuu Sentai Noiz Live Concert at Best of Anime 2012

1pm – 1:20pm – (Band Performer – Aerial Arena) NCPH Performers Division

2:00pm – 2:30pm – Cosplay Parade

2:30pm – 2:45pm – (Band Performer – Asterysk*)
*** event opening preliminaries (Prayer and National Anthemn)
*** remarks from SM City Baliwag
*** remarks from NCPH by Sannin Eleazar Santos
*** NCPH Video Introduction
2:45pm – 4:45pm – COSPLAY IDOL CONTEST

*** remarks from the NCPH Performers Division

5:00pm – 5:20pm – (Band Performer – H2B United (Hidden Hanabi Band) – NCPH Performers Division

5:20pm – 5:40pm – (Band Performer – AHO (Amai Hataraku Otaku)

5:40pm – 6:00pm – (Band Performer – Mezzophonic)

6:00pm – 6:20pm – (Band Performer – Myo’Hako) – NCPH Performers Division

6:20pm – 6:40pm – (Band Performer – Ikuzo Iwa) – NCPH Performers Division

6:40pm – 7:00pm – AWARDING + CLOSING remarks (David Delano D’ Angelo)

We will try to finish the program until 7pm so that YOU CAN ENJOY SM’s FREE MOVIE DAY at SM City Baliwag (FREE MOVIE link https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=498255050195613&set=a.488789727808812.108363.486374601383658&type=1&ref=nf)


• There will be a designated baggage area during the event>
• Baggage area will only be for cosplay competition participants
• Please remove any gadget or money from the items you will put in the baggage counter.
• The event organizer will not be responsible for any items lost.

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